Ben Ledi GM/SS-023 08/07/23

SOTA is fun however it can be very early morning due to a weather window. So 5:30am start for me, however the first thing to remember don’t forget the radio so I got half way drive to the summit lucky it wasn’t to far away. I got to the car park at 7am and then set off for the summit lucky the weather window was open and blue skies with sun shine and dark clouds waiting in the distance, While it wasn’t a heat wave the humidity was still there. So it was a long 2 hr slog up to the top. Once on the ridge tho the wind did help to cool me. However when getting to the top the wind was to much so was down to using my FT-60 to make 5 contacts before heading down. However the weather closed in a rained really hard but lucky half way down it stop raining. It was a great summit and will be much better to go back when I can take my time and do a full setup.