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I know to most of you it must sound obvious but for me, trying to understand the rules yet, it’s unfortunately not clear (yet): if I am activating a summit, does the other station have to be a registered chaser or is any contact, with a licensed operator of course, OK?
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ANY and all contacts are fine and count toward activation credit.

73, Barry N1EU

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Dear Barry, Thank you for the quick and helpful reply, its clear now. 73, Alfred

The contact must be with a licensed amateur radio operator. If two different people are using the same call sign, it only counts as one contact.

Any and all contacts? Not quite. There are no short cuts when explaining rules. Terrestrial Repeater contacts do not count. Contacts with other operators who are within the same Activation Zone do not count.

But it is best for everyone to actually read the rules for themselves.

Dear Alfred,

You can find the answer to this and various other questions at the SOTA FAQs page:

Happy activating!


Hi Simon,

May I suggest the FAQ needs to qualify the statement that “Any legal contact from a summit is acceptable.” The exclusions need to be added - contacts via repeaters, operators in the same AZ as the activator. And the quirks of working the same operator but using a different callsign (OK) and working them on different bands (only one counts towards 4 needed contacts). Satellite contacts permissible.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Hello Alfred,

A quick introduction to SOTA can be found on the OVSV Homepage: INFOS/WIKI - Interessengruppen- Kategorie SOTA.


Some times there is more than one operator on the summit
In YO you can get 3 or more.
Work them all, you won’t get extra points but it helps the activators gain there.
Personally if i hear more than one activator try to work all.
Many time you will get an activator and there partner , Work them both, so they can qualify the summit.
Its kinda taking and giving back to the activators to whom take time effort to reach some of these summits.

PS welcome to Sota, careful its is addictive and mistakes will be made and you learn form them

Karl M3FEH Big time chaser :slight_smile:

Thanks Andrew - noted.

There’s a bit on satellites (and repeaters) towards the end. Could maybe do with pulling those together.

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