Bearing/distance to peak from home QTH

SOTAwatch2 could be set up to display the bearing and distance to a peak from home QTH by hovering the cursor over the peak designator. I can’t seem to make this same feature work in SOTAwatch3 even though my home lat/long is entered into my account profile. Can anyone help?
Tnx, KN7A

No one seems to have answered your email about SOTAWatch - I can’t do that either however in the interim if you have an Android Smart Phone, with the SOTA Spotter App installed, it has that feature - click on the summit reference and on the displayed screen click on “show my location” and wait and after a while the distance and direction will be displayed.

73 Ed.

The hovering info box does not show bearing and distance in SW3.
But you can click the repective Summit link and it will list the info there.


Association: Wales, Region: South Wales
Latitude: 51.86271, Longitude: -3.057882
UK Grid Ref: SO 272187, QTH Locator: IO81lu
Relative to home QTH: 1295.5 km, 294 degs

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Distance shown is in: Km. Being in the USA/NA, we use miles.
I have to add yet another addition step and type: 1295.5 km mi
in my browser search bar to get the answer that I’m interested in.

Note especially for Chasers: AFAIK, bearing shown is true North so remember to adjust any directional antenna for “true” North rather than “magnetic” North. Google “magnetic declination” for further info.
Many HF antenna beam widths are pretty broad so it may not be all that critical unless one is trying to cover the entire US West coast and the PNW from the US East coast on 17m or 20m with a nonrotatable array. More critical for very high gain antennas on VHF/UHF and higher.

[OT] but related: Hovering over the link to the Summit info doesn’t always display the Op’s name, especially when a prefix or suffix is included in the callsign.

To all,
Thanks for the replies. Helpful information. OE5JFE, thanks for the answer! I thought I had tried that but it may have been before I re-entered the lat/long for my QTH into the account profile. Now works FB and all is well.

Note: The reflector system is displaying my old callsign–KB7WSY although it was updated to my new call a couple of years ago.

:smile: Time to get with the program then and switch to a sensible unit! :smile:

It’s easy, 50miles is about 80km and 50km is about 30 miles. Those 2 figures all you need to be able to guestimate near enough values for miles<>km in your head etc. It’s easy with practice.

Living in the UK we now have a complete mish-mash of metric and imperial units and you just get used to flipping between what it’s quoted in to what you want it in. i.e. fuel is sold in litres but UK drivers use mpg not l/100km. You just know that 45l is 10 gallons give or take. Proper gallons mind you.

It doesn’t change unless you contact us and ask for it to be changed. On some of our sites you can do it yourself, but not here. People were changing calls to handles etc. so it’s done by the admins now. Anyway changed but you’ll probably have to log back in again using the new call and old password/

That will be sorted after 31 January when our beloved leader reverts us to good old Imperial units :rofl::rofl:

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I’ve noticed some (rightwing UK) newspapers have started giving temperatures in F once more. Something that means zilch to most people under 45. I’ve no idea what 45F feels like any more unless you say about 7C and then I know “ah nearly cold enough to need a thin sweater”.

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MM0FMF-- logged out, logged in and all looks good. Thank you very much.


Are you under 45 Andy? :pleading_face:

Sadly not and haven’t been for a long time. :wink: But not yet old enough that you cannot put a candle for each year on a birthday cake and light them all before the 1st one has burnt out!

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The icing will have a waxy texture!