can any one give me the frequency for the angus beacon and the one down south please,
Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:

GB3ANG Angus 1296.965MHz
GB3MCB St Austell 1296.860MHz


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Is there not one on 2 meters

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GB3ANG, Angus, 144.453 MHz
GB3MCB, St Austell, 144.469 MHz

Angus beef and beacon burgers yum!

or GB3VHF, Kent, 144.430 MHz.

ea6vhf 144.426

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Cheers andy & stephen, not been on radio for sometime and forgot, im just messing about with 2, 11 element tonna’s
Steven m0sgb

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Hi Steve.Hpe this may help.UK VHF Beacons - 2m / 144MHz Click on the baloons for info Geoff G6MZX

In reply to G3CWI:
I have some noise on 144-463 but not a beacon,
Just missed you the other day richard after you spoke to myke

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It is 469 or 453 not 463!

VHF Beacons List here- UK Amateur Radio & Microwave Beacons