Beacon Batch G/SC-003

Thanks to everyone who worked me today. Just to confirm that I was on Beacon Batch G/SC-003 - I miss spotted myself on one occasion as being on G/SE-003. Thanks also to G0RQL for spotting my correct 2m SSB frequency. I’ll post a full report later. All the best

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Thanks for working 2mtrs Martin.
Always helps on VHF to alert the working frequency rather than just the centre of activity especially with the lower signals on VHF.
Wonder if you were within 30mtrs of the trig point.
See you next time out. 73 Don. G0RQL.

Thanks Don - yes we were within 30 meters of the Trig point, I guess that’s for WAB? I need to understand more about WAB as I have been asked before and always before. Really enjoy 2m SSB and will always try to use it on all activations. Good point about the working Frequency will make sure I spot next time.

Thanks again for the contact and best 73s

I would expect so, unless someone moved it since Thursday morning :grin:

If anyone had felt keen enough, they could have got out of bed at 0400L to work me.
There’s not a lot of WAB activity that early in the day!



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How did you get on Pete? Many contacts?

It was tough going!
It doesn’t pay to be active at 0400 after a major CME…
Luckily I was in no hurry so just persevered calling into open emptiness :worried:
I was also surprised to be visited by an early morning mountain biker who had come up to see the dawn.
There are other mad folks in the world too…

After 17 minutes,Jerry, NG6R in California, came back to me but we couldn’t complete the QSO (needless to say I could copy him fine throughout).

Another 15 minutes passed before the Europeans woke up at 0430, with a short run in the log starting with the ever present SP9AMH, Mariusz.

Only 17 QSOs in an hour and a half of calling and no S2S.
I did think for a while, that I would fail to activate the summit at all!

G/SC-010 was much better later, once the world woke up :smile:
Sorry for the thread hijack.