Beacon Batch G/SC-003 Christmas Eve

Despite the wind and rain we headed off for a Christmas Eve activation. It was incredibly muddy on the path up but we reached the summit at the same time as a whole in the weather. A few local contacts on 2m and then an excellent run of 11 contacts on 20m SSB.

Merry Christmas to all - found this seasonal holly tree on the way down. Thanks to all the chasers. 73


And thanks to the Activator Martin. Nice to grab a contact with you today and glad to hear you got down before the storm came back.

73 & Merry X-Mas Ed DD5LP / G8GLM.

That’s all the wild ponies that churn up that mud!
They congregate around that post.
Looks like a nice break in the weather.
Merry Christmas.

That mud looks just the same as it was back in February when I was there.
There did not seem to be any way of skirting round it to get back onto the path down to the road.
Wellington boots are essential if you go this way up in the rainy season.
Merry Christmas,
David. G3RDQ

Ah - we did wonder why that spot was quite so deep in mud over the top of boots I’m afraid. Worth it though we had blue skies and good views while on the top and then it poured down again when we got back to the car!