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BBC Top Gear

Despite the new series of Top Gear losing millions of viewers, this weeks show has some tantalizing views of GM/NS summits on the Ford Mustang segment (Other kinds of horse are available).

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Get the same every time the Isle of man TT coverage is on.


I was looking forward to Top Gear returning, but it’s just not as good as the old team. And what the heck! They did maybe 6 episodes and they’re done for the season. Nice work , if you can get it.
I have been enjoying James May’s new show. The Extra gear show is Much better than the New Top Gear crew.
Oh well. There’s always reruns of the old team until they get their New show up and running. 73 de Scotty


The Emirates flight last week had about 8 episodes of the old show. I had forgotten how egotistical J was, and how funny. Great for relieving the boredom of a long flight.

I see from the news this evening that Chris Evans is quitting the show saying “I gave it my best shot but sometimes that’s not enough”. So there you are, not a big fan of Top Gear or Chris Evans so didn’t watch it


Although he is right his best was not enough for the standard set by Clarkson & co, Evans’ announcement came just after this: