BBC positive about amateur radio

I hope the neighbours of mine who think there is something sinister going on in my house due to my antennae see this article!

73 Phil


Hello Phil, that is a great article. You should print it and give it to them. We have a daily net in VK3 on the 2m local repeater called the welfare net. Similar to the article’s content.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Hey! There’s smiling Pete Sipple in the first photo! I have met Pete a couple of times - a REALLY nice guy. Through the Essex Ham group, he does a great deal to promote the hobby in the UK.

A well written report - there are a few amateurs in the BBC News department to help the reporter with accurate content I think.

Well done to all who contributed to this article and to getting the BBC interested in the first place.

73 Ed.

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I know Jim Lee is licenced and works for the BBC Ed.

73 Phil

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What an excellent positive and accurate article. They must have managed to keep the journalists away from it :wink:

You mean there isn’t? :wink:

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Some of the people look normal, well the females do. :wink:


Attending to what being normal is among a given population like humans in planet Earth, for instance, I have the feel that being a licensed ham radio and hiking mountains to transmit from the top sometimes in morse code with batteries at low powers onto a wire antenna puts us even further than ±3 standard deviation of the means, which can clearly be described as NOT normal :wink:




I like it - applying a standard deviation to a non-standard deviation!


We’re definitely outliers. My wife says as much every day.

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Are you suggesting perhaps that we’re deviants? :wink:

Jim Lee even made the evening local TV news here, talking from his shack.

He’s a proper amateur, his key is a WT 8 AMP No2 fixed to a bit of old floorboard :grinning:


Well at least you’re not transmitting 5G Phil.

No not deviants, merely outliers!