Baystones Bites the Dust

Well folks. A recent processing of data from a survey by the RHB survey team reveals that Baystones G/LD-039 only has 147.7m prominence. It is therefore declared a sub-Marilyn by them.

I suggest those that want it, bag it before the next G ARM update.

73 Marc G0AZS

In out in out you shake it all about, you do the hokey cokey etc…

Richard G3CWI was cutting it fine leaving it for his last one to complete G as an activator! Mind you, he missed out on LD-002, LD-016, SB-002, SB-003, and CE-006 - as indeed we all did.

But Baystones has been in and out like a fiddler’s elbow. Back again in a couple of years anyone?

Nice hill and a great view for little effort - well worth an outing for anyone wanting to grab it while it’s still alive.


In reply to G0AZS:

147.7m is just a number, it earns no respect until the error bars are quantified. Or to put it another way, a precision of 0.1m means nothing unless you know how accurate it is. And even then I would prefer to know whether the survey was conducted by professional surveyors or by some odd bods with a yen and some hired gear but negligable experience. Sorry to be so negative but having assisted in a number of levelling traverses as part of site investigations I know something of how many traps there are for the unwary!

I would be in favour of avoiding all this fiddling about by declaring that the Marilyn list of a certain date, say 2009 if you like, is the permanent GB SOTA list.


Brian G8ADD

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I think you will find the guys doing this for the RHB know what they are doing.

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147.7m is just a number…

Ooh you are cheeky Brian. It’s really all rather interesting…

Take a look at some of their survey reports here:

Although the Baystones report is not there yet, you will see from other recent ones (like Raw Head and Myndd y Cwm) who is doing them, the methodology they adopt and the tolerances employed. Their work seems to be well founded.

73 Marc G0AZS

The RHB surveyors are skilled and highly respected. ISTR hearing that even the OS accepts RHB survey findings as reliable when updating its own reference data.

Personally I don’t mind a bit if successive improvements in surveying accuracy cause such slight alterations to the lists. It all adds to the interest and I appreciate the fact that an independent third party is meticulously keeping the GB P150 list in good shape.


In reply to M1EYP:

What if someone dumped a 2.3 metre pile of rubble on the top?

73 de G3NYY

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Well then there’d be a 2.3m pile of rubble on top of a hill with 147.7m drop.


Glad I bagged this one last year. It was my first Lake District adventure.

On the way up from Ambleside you have stunning views over lake Windermere all the way to the coast.

My wife wanted to sit down and enjoy that view. But I think it was just an excuse to have a rest. She has problems with her health. She thought she wouldn’t make it to the top but climbed Old Man of Coniston 3 days later …


Thank’s to Marc for passing on the information about the RHB survey of Baystones. I’m going to the Lakes next month so this one will be a priority activation. I fancy walking up Nanny Lane from Troutbeck and walking over the ridge from Wansfell Pike.

73 Phil

The above picture was taken on wansfell pike, if I am not mistaken Phil

In reply to M1EYP:


When will it be removed as I’m intending to activate it with a group of Air Cadets on 27th February. Please tell me not until after I’ve done it!



Hi Brian,

You’ve nothing to worry about. James M0ZZO (G AM) is the person to ask, and he normally gives ample notice in these situations. It won’t be before the official publication of the change in the MARHOFN (Marilyns Hall of Fame Newsletter) anyway, and that’s normally published at the start of May.