Battling Gun....... 29/03/24

My lovely Wifey decided that she wanted to go to Bingo, with her pal and wanted to be dropped off in Manchester near Belle Vue at 1715… given that it was now 1500 that didnt leave me alot of time. So a plan was hastily formed to have a quick trip up the Gun, i should be able to drive there, activate, and get back to the car before we lost complete daylight. and given its a fairly straightforward half mile wander up a well defined track a headtorch descent wasnt the end of the world! the weather had been fairly decent here all day, and so I reckoned the going would be ok, with no major issues!!

Quick activation gear was packed, and the Girls dropped off to (try) and win us some money I was on my way to the Gun! G/SP-013. all was well, as I passed through the town of Macclesfieldbut as we drove up the Leek road, the heavens OPENED! proper biblical rain… ooooohhhhh i was chatting with my mate on 4M FM at the time and distinctly remeber saying “if this doesnt clear up soon, im calling it off” anyhow, as quickly as it started was as quick as as it stopped, with warming spring sunshine and blue skies behind it, I decided to press on.

As I arived at the parking area, I could see the remnants of a hail storm settled on the road, but it was fast dissapearing, but there was ALOT of water on the road… i had a quick look at the track and the bottom bit by the gate was a quagmire, but the rest form this position looked easy going, so the gear was grabbed and off i went! Quagmire was an UNDERSTATEMENT it was a horrible wet mud pit that tried to suck my trekking poles into its black depths, but after some careful footwork i was accross and on the track proper. Now this was to be the HARDEST virtually flat 1/2 mile i have EVER walked, the mud and water was constant and never ending, and what should have been a 10 min bounce to the top turned into a half hour battle with the bog!! however, i would come oput triumphant!

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud…

Anyhow, the twighlight was fast approaching and in the distance in incoming squall, I needed to do this and do it FAST! I chucked the roach pole up on the trig point, whipped the Slim G up on it, and cracked on… 10 contacts in 11 mins, that’ll do!

Everybody loves a Slim G!

Selfie time!

With the rain spit spotting as i packed my final bits, and donned my head torch we were off to do battle again! unsuprisingly things hadnt improved much, but the descent was slightly quicker (about 20 mins) than the ascent! after again crossing the mud pit of doom, I was elated to be back at the car! gear packed and off to find food…


Great little evening out, and ill be back on the Gun, i can see it being a great little spot on a nice summers evening in the dry!

Thanks to all the Chasers, with a special mention to Paul @M0CQE First in the log, and for later checking I was down safe by whatsapp. thankyou buddy!

73 all, till next time!



Very Well Done Alan. My pleasure to have a QSO with You my friend. Thank You for the Activation and the Photographs. 73 de Paul M0CQE.

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The biggest problem is not the mud as such, but slipping in the mud and falling into something much less pleasant (the area is used a lot by dog walkers). :slight_smile:



i was more concerned by slipping and breaking something (again) I must say my walking poles were somewhat of a lifesaver!!




Still was when I last went.
Two of them tried to join in when I was on 10m, I guess with the new licence that’s allowed as long they are under my supervision?

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