Battery maintenance

Hi all,

We are entering the winter period and I have a few questions concerning the storage of these.
I have one LiPo 4S 3000mA and one LiFePo 3S 2600mA.

What are the usual recommendations regarding their charging during a period of inactivity?

For their storage what is the ideal temperature?

thank you in advance.

73 Éric

Hi Eric,

As far as I recall a charging state of about 65 % is recommended. This reduces internal aging as much as possible.
In general chemical reactions are slower at low temperatures. I guess around 10 °C in a non-condensing environment would be good.

73 Joe

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Hi Éric,
I have the imax B6 charger. To store the batteries I use the storage option. The storage temperature should not be cold
Take care.

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I use the same charger and the same option, no bad news from battery since three years ago.

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Thank you for your much appreciated answers. @OE5JFE @EA7GV @EA3BV

I also have an imax B6 charger and I did not know this function :relaxed:, the instructions are written in too small characters :laughing:

73 Éric

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Let me add myself to the list of happy Imax B6 charger owners. I bought it about 4 months ago when one of my hard-case 4S 5000 mAH LIPO batteries stopped charging to full capacity, replacing a charger that I bought 6 years ago. The new technology in the Imax recovered the battery in that it now charges fully.

By the way, the IMAX supports LIPO LiFePO and several other technologies.

What’s this point about not using the batteries in the colder months Eric? My radio batteries get used more when the winter bonus points are available HI.

73 Ed.


You don’t read Chinese !!! :grinning:


You know if we can update the firmware ???

Why would we want to update firmware? “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.

Hi Nicolas
Yes it’s a cheap BY model :rofl:
It works perfectly but the instructions are on a postage stamp :laughing:

Because I thought that my Imax B6 clone (a RC-Power BC6) was not able to charge LiFe batteries but I double-checked and I was wrong ! So this 8 years old charger (I have to change the DEC / INC buttons) is still working ! Tks and 73

Hi !!! I guess you have contacted HB9CBR/P fews minutes ago, your signal was very strong in Toulouse … 73 Nicolas

My Imax is also chinesse, it works fine. I have the manual in Spanish, if you want it?

I got some perfect buttons with my printer 3D, if you need them I’ll give you the files.

Hi Jose,
I think we have the same charger :wink:

If you have the .pdf file you can send it to me on QRZ mail address.
Many thanks Jose
73 Éric

ISTR the manual for mine (same charger but with built in AC PSU) is in OK English… it tells you what the buttons do and what to press but doesn’t explain why you would want to do some of these things.

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做什麼的 >>> Zuò shénme de

Thank you for your proposal Jose, but my buttons are fine, I need to change the PCB switch, I found them on ebay.


Best 73, Nicolas

Hi Eric,

I use my Li-ion charger XC-12610 for both HB-1B (I do not know its parameters) & KX2 (2,6mAh) batteries.
For HB-1B it works for 2 winter activations, for KX2 for 1 activation.

73, Jarek

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