Battery connector question - bullet connectors

I just got a Zippy Flighmax 4SP1 4.2AH which come with 5.5mm bullet connectors to power the new 817.

I already have a suitable power lead with a fuse box and reverse polarity diode finished on at XT60 and charger jumpers.
So, I was thinking of getting the mating connectors and making a suitable jumper/adaptor as I don’t fancy swapping the battery connectors.

I found a few places that have the bullet connectors without the outer plastic shell.
Does any body know of any sources here in the UK that suppy the connectors with the shell? or people just terminate them with shrinktube?

Thanks & 73

Hi Angel,Did you get the battery from Hobbyking or somewhere else? Usually if you phone the help desk and explain what you are looking for they are usually quite good at helping. But these link might help a wee bit,


Best of luck

73 Neil

Thanks Neil.
73 Angel

Hi Angel,
I think it is good to have a set of leads to interconnect all the boxes I might use. I have a couple of dc interface boxes with a set of sockets and binding posts and inbuilt voltmeter. They allow me to use pretty well any rig with any battery with the right leads. I prefer the shelled connectors as they give better protection to the pins/sockets especially from shorts.

You have been given some good advice re locating the connectors. I use connectors from Hobbyking. There are 3 sizes for their battery connectors so take care to order the right ones. By mistake I bought some that were the next size down to what I needed - might use them in a link dipole! It takes a bit of burrowing around their site to find all the connectors. Good luck.


Raynet UK and I believe ARES are standardising on Anderson power poles. Everything I have is Anderson power pole including the MFJ shack power distribution board and my diode bridge voltage reducer for 4s lipo batteries. Great crimp tool from West Mountain Radio - avoids solder brittle - PWRcrimp - Crimp Tool for Powerpole® Connectors - West Mountain Radio

I second this, Jim. I had various SLABs with terminal tongues of different widths before, then LiPo with bullets, then LiFePo4 with yet another type of bullets. Now I have equipped all the batteries, all radios and chargers with Anderson Powerpoles. Nice to work with, easy to install. I got them from WiMo (Germany) along with crimp tool.
73, Ruda OK2QA

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I try to avoid “me too” type posts, but if anyone hasn’t seen or tried these connectors, make a point of doing so. They are mechanically and electrically very good IMHO, extolling the KISS principle.
For things like the FT817 charger, I cut the lead in the middle and fit these connectors to both cut ends. That way, I can still use the lead as intended, but also mix and match PSUs etc. Brilliant :o)


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Hi Angel,

Yes as others have said and I didn’t as you didn’t ask, I also have all my connections changed to Anderson Power Poles as well, the 817, the radio in the car, the handheld with its voltage reducer, even uses then LiFo charger has them so I can charge the battery from the car while away for a few days.

To use them for the cable from battery I suggest the 45 Amp connectors as these will fit a lot better 4 X Anderson Powerpole 45amp Electrical Connector Plugs for sale online | eBay
I use 20 Amp ones for the rest. Thought I would give you that wee bit more info to get you on your way.

73 Neil

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Thanks all for the info and advice.
I have gone for the HK adaptors for now (which will keep the battery in warranty at least) but shall update to the power poles in the near future.

73 Angel

I agree with the use of Anderson pole connectors never let me down yet and a snap to work with

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Hi Guys

Neil try

I use them all the time for connectors. They are very quick to deliver and a lot cheaper than the people on ebay

Been using powerpole connectors for years. Just make sure that you don’t over solder them and they can fail sometimes if you reuse the electrical connection but with care they should be OK.

The big plus is that if you use them on all your equipment swapping gear is no problem.


Add to that list of groups standardising on Anderson power poles, WICEN (the Australian EMComms group) and I think all of the various US EMComms groups (the 25/30A sized connectors I believe).

73 Ed.

Anderson recommend that you do not solder but use the crimp tools that are designed for powerpoles. The professional crimpers cost a small fortune, but the version for individuals is affordable and I believe is available from many amateur radio outlets globally.
Jim now officially GE0CQK :wink:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link - think I have seen this site before.

Have been using APP for some time now and have just about everything standardised with them. Don’t usually solder the connectors, just use a very expensive crimper for the job.

I can use all the radios either in the house, in the car or on the hills all using the same connectors for the home power supply, 12v connector box in the car or the LiFe batteries. Even my Kenwood TS-480 has them so I can use that on the hills as well - if the XYL will carry it for me. :wink: