Bargain Hunters BEWARE

Hi everyone, someone is using my callsign (G7OEM) and details to sell various radio items on many internet websites, It most certaily is not me I have NOTHING for sale at all!! it’s a World Wide SCAM. One radio amateur in USA has been in touch with me after parting with $400 for a yeasu 897 that never arrived, I have informed OFCOM and posted a warning on my callsign details. Please inform me at my email address if you have come across any adverts with my callsign attached to them.
73, Tony G7OEM (the real one)

In reply to G7OEM:

Hi Tony.

I have posted an alert on WOTA for you. Hope you get things sorted,



In reply to G7OEM:
Hi Tony!

Sorry to hear such disgusting news… Maybe you’d better inform major sales/swap sites (eMAM net, E-bay, etc) ASAP. They used to have a dedicated E-mail account (typically scam@xxx.yyy) for receiving alerts about cases like your. Based on IP address they can distinguish you and the scammer and take necessary measures in case of a repeated fraud.

73: Jóska, HA5CW / M0HAA