Bardon Hill G/CE-004 Activation 7th Dec 2011

This activation was a spur of the moment thing.

Checking the Met Office reports, I was a little concerned with the strong winds but,
what the heck, if 2E0YYY AND M0TUB can brave it so can I.

On the ascent the rain was scything down and the wind was certainly getting up.

I set up camp within the zone but some way from the trig point using two large rocks as a defense from the wind gusts, not knowing the direction would change very shortly.

The inverted vee went up a treat with the apex at about 4 metres, upon my first call I was met with a wall of replies and first out the bag was G4SSH. I swear that call gives him an edge.

After a dozen QSO’s or so, my hands were starting to sting and itch like crazy. Guess what I had placed my FT817 on the only nettle in Bardon, I thought these plants hibernated in winter?

By now the wind was pretty intense and the pole looked like an archers bow. My last few contacts were achieved with one hand on the pole for support whilst keying with a nettle stung hand.

After 90 minutes operating I made 37 contacts in 14 countries including one S2S with
M0TUB/P on G/WB-002 which only seemed right.

Thanks to G4SSH,ON4FI and I2CZQ for the spots.

In reply to G4CMZ:
Hi Kevin
T’was pure madness eh?
Chuffed to have got a S2S with you.
I dragged Mike out to do WB-002 & 004 today in an effort to get me a bit closer to my 100 summits in the year. Just 3 more to go!!
G4SSH - indeed, it is always timed perfectly and at the correct speed for me. The spots are always appreciated too.
Catch you on the next one.