Banana plugs for field repair

Las week I bought two banana plugs for easy assembly (fine for field repair).

Push the plug together, insert the bared wire and release the pressure - done.
It’s good for wires 0,08 - 2,5 mm².

73, Ludwig


Nice típ. I broke pasta year in a summit the antenna wire deploying the antenna in a trees zone and I fixed It with the scissors of my swiss army knife Victorinox that always goes with me (rotation of various models).


When experimenting with wire antennas and as a backup, I have been using the clip-on connectors mentioned below for many years.

Since last year, such a connector has proven itself very well as a standard connector on the 10.90 m multi-band inv-L antenna used by Bruno, HB9CBR.

Stäubli Multi-Contact Clip-on Plug KLS4
Ø 4 mm plug with spring-loaded Multilam for clamp-connecting stranded wires (-40 … 80°C)