Bamatech TP-III Special Edition 2023

Hi Sota Friends,

in a few Days Markus DL6YYM (Bamatech) will offer his TP-III Special Edition 2023.

We all know that the TP-III Paddle ist a absolut fantastic CW Paddle for Portable Akivity.

I think the Paddle can order in a few days in the web shop

73 Michael DC8YZ


…nice Christmas present :wink:

73 Armin


I’m a huge fan of the TP-III. Precision engineering at its finest. However, if I was to nitpick, I would like to see Markus manufacture an optional version with the lever arms slightly larger, similar to the arms of paddles made Larry, N0SA. Depending on positioning of the paddle, it can be slightly tricky at times to manipulate the levers, especially with frozen fingers :wink: It would be fantastic if he was to make a single lever version of the TP-III! But, there’s a lot of things I’d like to see/want in this hobby :wink:

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This could be a fun and simple 3d printing project (assuming the plastic covers can easily be removed). I can give it a go if someone wants to gift me a TP-III :laughing:


Ha. Shipment costs from the U.S. to Poland are rather prohibitive. Also, I didn’t like how you used the word “gift” as I’d be worried it wouldn’t make it back over the pond :wink: The plastic covers do come off rather easily. That’s a great idea Romain. I’ll have to ask around locally for someone to entertain that project for me. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to 3D printing. If it ends up working out, I can share the project file for those that have a TP-III. Or, if you find someone closer to you with a TP-III that would let you “borrow” it temporarily, I’d be very interested in what you produce. Thanks, Mike.


Oh no … I really looked for green version and couldn’t get one. Just got a red version :see_no_evil:

Maybe you can look at it from both sides Peter. It’s hard to miss a red one when packing in the green forest
73 Chris


Has this key been on sale yet? I haven’t found it on the website, only a reference to the 2022 special edition.

73, Colin


Yes, it is on sale now!

73 Heinz