BaMaKey TP-III party

The designer and manufacturer of the proven portable twin paddle BaMaKey TP-III, Markus, DL6YYM, will be portable QRV tomorrow, Saturday, 15.07.2023, from approx. 0600-1300z in DLFF-0549.

It would certainly be a nice surprise and satisfaction for Markus if he received a call from as many BaMaKey TP-3 owners as possible.

Suggestion for the report to be sent:

  • RST TP3 “color”
    (e.g. 559 TP3 red, 579 TP3 grey, 599 TP3 green, …).

73 tks, Heinz


I guess he will post spots on the WWFF site?

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Yes, you can do exactly that to see the self spots as well and not just the RBN spots on this ad here


Just worked Markus at 10123.4 kHz
RSTr 599
RSTs 559 TP3 red

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Just worked Markus with my TP-3 key. I got “HI HI TP3 is my key HI” from him.

73 Gavin


Today the WWFF cluster seems to be a bit picky… so it’s best to look at the RBN spots directly on RBN