Ball's Pyramid VK9/LH-003

Interesting background on a recent scientific expedition to Ball’s Pyramid - possibly VK’s least accessible SOTA summit.

Ball’s Pyramid VK9/LH-003

(with hat-tip to John VK6NU first posting in the VK SOTA forum)


Beautiful! - thanks…

Looks like an easy afternoon walk, is there any picnic table to strap my squid pole to? How about bathrooms on the summit?


Hi Wade,

Glad you are up to the challenge.

A shelf about 20 m above high tide mark has a convenient cave to shelter in until the wx clears and you make your dash to the summit. No squid pole required, just drape EF wire over edge. Attach a 500 g sinker to stop wind blowing it back in your face. There is a spot at the top where you can sit and have rig on a rock out of the mud.

Bathroom is deep drop type - don’t loose your balance.

Put up an alert for when you expect to be there and I’ll try to listen out. No mobile phone coverage. Sat phone and HF only.


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Hmmmm, after a trip to Norfolk Island for Christmas last year, have been giving serious consideration to Lord Howe Island for Christmas this year. Maybe I can sweet talk Dick Smith into dropping me onto the peak of Ball’s Pyramid from his helicopter for a Christmas present this year :grinning:

I suspect this peak will remain unactivated for quite a few years to come. Mind you if there is a genuine activation attempt, I reckon that I will fly over to Lord Howe for a S2S attempt!


And then to do the complete…

Would love to - but a moutaineer of that calibre I am not!