Bad SOTA Day, But Gorgeous WX

Hi All, firstly sorry to anyone listening for me today on Little Mell Fell and Gummers How. In Excellent WX I had planned for these 2 today as they are “Easy Access”.

“The plans of Mice and Men” phrase came to my thoughts two thirds of the way up LMF. I suffer from an Evil Medical Condition, and today first thing I thought " Feels like a good day today". How wrong I was, after getting to the point where it levels off, It decided that the pain I had in my Calf, was getting a Flare up right now. Pain indescribable dropped me to the floor. That was it for an hour before I could move, with thoughts of can’t have Mountain Rescue up a tiny hill like this decided to get down to car as soon as possible.

Changed my afternoon from GH to Lambrigg Fell, upon arriving at the “Locked Gates” and a sign saying call us at this number for permission, decided to call it a Day. SOTA Cancelled ,Elaine and decided to go over to Yorkshire Dales for a nice village walk and a Shandy. Health and Safety took over, but no other option!

Hope to try again, but may be some time? Cheers all Tony de G1JPV


The OS maps shows Public Rights of Way that run across Lambrigg Fell… what was the reason for not allowing access on the sign?

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Hi Andy, The sign stated as close as I can make it " Any person entering this site, please log your reason for entering by contacting the telephone number below: All the gates were locked and it would have meant climbing over the gate. This was the entrance on the A684 opposite the quarry? Last time I activated this which was a while back I don’t remember there even being a gate?? Tony

Confirmation that this is CRoW access land:,vmlIndex,25kIndex,50kIndex,250kIndex,miniscaleIndex,baseIndex&box=356044:492940:360444:495311&useDefaultbackgroundMapping=false
It also appears to be a bridleway, so the gate should not be locked.

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It depends what you mean by “opposite”. Directly over the road and a bit to the left is a kissing gate leading to the access land. As others have said, there shouldn’t be any issue here.

Directly over the road and a bit to the right, IIRC, is a gate which is site access for the wind farm, with notices on as Tony describes. But that isn’t the mapped PROW.

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Thanks Tom, not a good day today, now you mention it I think I parked on Quarry road as it was a Sunday the last time I activated Lambrigg and went through Kissing gate up to the AZ, but it was a good while back. Looks like my anxiety got the better of me🙄

Always next time Tony. I was sure that some of it was access land which is why I was asking.

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I had the same feeling - StreetMap 1:25K shows the Access Land extending from the A684 road at the quarry entrance all the way north to the minor road by Wythmoor bunkbarn and enclosing the whole windfarm (unless this has been extended since mapping). The NE boundary is the very winding wall which cuts through the summits area.

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Thanks all, this trip was a test after 1)not activating for a while,2) whether this condition would allow easy access summits. Back when I was activating, the likes of Cadair Berwyn, were no problem, but now I thought I was resigned to Chasing Only. I can however still rely on Gun, Cloud, Winter Hill,Billinge Hill etc: so I will continue to assist the stalwart activators as much as possible and activate the definite easy ones for me. Comparising is not easy for me, but its better than doing nothing Thanks again all for the support, especially Tom M1EYP 73 Tony

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Right, I am back planning to return, and have alerted for 3 nice easy access summits, with Lambrigg Fell, Arnside Knott and Gummers How. This time I am certain I will be Okay to do these 3, and now I have my 23cm Portable station ready to go, I am looking forward to returning to the lakes and conquering the summits this time :crossed_fingers: