Bad prefix in Portugal

I apologize for my call CT/EA2GM/P used for the activations in Portugal last week. The correct prefix would be CT7/EA2GM/P

I was very kindly notified by several Portuguese friendly stations in my last activation and I could not correct it before.

I think my mistake is due to my lack of attention and the fact that the prefixes for the summis begin with CT/XX-XXX instead of CT7 for the continental area of Portugal. In Spain the prefix to activate by stations from other countries begins with exactly the prefix established for all summits e.g. EA1/XX-XXX, etc. for each area of the country.

I apologize for this error, I have corrected the error and I ask the stations that made the qso to correct the prefix, if possible.

Summits activated:




On the other hand, comment that all the activations were incredible, with impressive landscapes and exceptional weather.

Best 73, EA2GM Javier