Backpack choice

I got some questions about my backpack. (as seen on my pictures)

I use this one:

It is better proof against sharp objects than normal “plastic” ones.( Like ur tuner and TRX )

There are a lot of possibilities to connect extra bags, and to strap a coat/ plastic sheet on. The price is good and shipping without any problem.

My son used a similar bigger one in military activities in a DX country outside Europe. It is better than the one supplied by the boss.

However, these packs are not watertight, so an elastic plastic cover is handy.

I hope I can help some activators with this info.

73 de Hans PA3FYG

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Hi Hans i very nearly brought one of these as they are good bags but as you say there not waterproof and need a good cover to be used in all weathers but i like the idea of the sleeve for a camelbak.

Im currently using my karrimor predator 45 which i also like and is currently what the boss gives out. Handy thing with this is the internal straps for holding radio equipment in place and the bag can be side zipped down to almost zero litre.

Please post your findings if you do invest as im sure they will be interesting for future purchases.

73 Mark MM1MPB

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Hi Hans

Bought a very similar sack just last week. Looks to be just the job for SOTA - decent size, well made, comfortable to wear, nice and square so suits boxes with radios in and a bewildering array of add-on pouches are available that fix easily and securely to the Molle webbing (found one just right for the FT60, keep it to hand on the outside!). As you say not waterproof but I’ve never seen a rucksack that truly is. A Tatonka rain cover and thanks to the beneficience on my recent birthday of G4OIG some Exped drysacks should sort that.

Not used it in anger yet, but eagerly anticipating the next outing :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD


Has anyone tried backpacks with a built-in stool, something like this:

On my activations, finding a comfortable operating position hasn’t always been that easy.

Jaakko, OH6FQI

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Hi Jaakko
I have had a backpack which is very similar for at least 30 years. It is fine for short trips and picnics. But for a real walk in rough terrain you will need something which is more tailored to hill walking.
Having said that, I have used it for a couple of SOTA activations where I have used the stool as a ‘table’ for the rig to be at eye level whilst operating.
I prefer a proper backpack type of rucksack for all longer walks.
73 de Ken GM0AXY / LA6EF

I was thinking about sitting on the stool and having the rig on top of the pack in front of me. But without trying first, it’s hard to tell how comfortable this might be…

I agree with you that it probably isn’t ideal as a backpack, but this was the best I could find with a quick search. I wonder if a combination of a separate lightwright stool and a proper pack would be a better alternative. Sitting on the ground or on a cold rock certainly isn’t that nice.

Jaakko, OH6FQI

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Hi Jaakko,

I use a proper backpack - an Osprey Mutant 38, it is strong and not that heavy, the only negative thing about the pack is the lack of pockets/ compartments.

I have cut a piece of closed cell foam to fit inside the bladder (drink) compartment, I use this to sit on at the summit. The pack actually comes with a piece of foam which they call a ‘bivi pad’ intended for sleeping on during lightweight camping trips. The bivi pad doubles up as cushioning for the back panel.

I find that sitting low down on the summit tends to shield you from the weather more, especially if you can find a natural hollow to sit in or sit behind a rock.

I have often thought about treating myself to a Therm-a-rest chair, but my budget has persuaded me otherwise!

Hope you manage to find a solution that works well for you Jaakko.