Back up in G/LD

I will be back up in LD tomorrow. If any chasers want a particular summit on HF, I am happy to consider it. Please let me know below !


Cool get to where ever you can reach.


Gosh, I need lots of G/LD so where to begin:

002, 005-010, 012, 015-017, 019, 020 and so on :slight_smile:

Always good to contact you Jonathan

73 Andrew, G4AFI

G/LD-002… hmmm check it out. Long since deleted but I have activated it for WOTA…

73 Phil

Ah silly me, I just looked for gaps in the numbers!

Andrew, G4AFI

I desperately need High Raise LD-019 to complete chasing all the summits in G, every time its been activated when I was available it was 2m FM which is too distant for me here in Brum!


All noted Brian, I won’t be out today. Looking towards tomorrow instead. Wx permitting.


We did LD-019 as a Wainwright bagging round of 8 Langdale Pikes:

I remember that, Tom, you and Jimmy gained height by one of the more heroic routes and did a big circuit. 2m FM and 40 CW, though, and I don’t do CW!

It isn’t one of the more popular summits, by any route its a longish walk to get to it, and when you get there its just a dreary undistinguished bump with little character and poor views, so unlike many of the Lakeland summits it only gets done a couple of times a year. It is one of the few summits in the Lakes that I did just once and have had no desire to repeat it!


You can do sufficient CW to manage a basic rubber stamp exchange, especially if High Raise comes up Brian!

It would take High Raise to make me dust off the key! I would have tried it with you if I had known that five years later it would still be on my “most wanted” list, and IIRC you were slower back then!


High Raise would be fine here too Jonathan. A round of the far nicer looking Wainwright tops on 2m fm was very pleasant and worthwhile so I echo Tom.

I’ll be out on the Fells end of July with Dad. Mountains and a non-radio walking companion = 2m fm normally. I hope I’ve contributed to Brian’s worked all G bar one but it was from 1 and 2 pointers. All credit to your fitness and determination! I think we’ll repeat the old man O Coniston and Red Screes. It’s important for me to walk Bow fell and Esk Pike as Wota activations as Bow fell is Dad’s favourite.
David M0YDH

OK, Its going to be late evening. 60 Meters. Better get going !


That didn’t last long. I now have a blocked DPF to contend with tomorrow, at least its under warranty. Stupid emission rules. Its going to be next week now :imp: