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Back scatter R us

Man that was a signal and half from G6TUH on 20m :scream:
Back scatter on 14275 while he worked the Czech Sota
Man my LED just lit up like a Christmas tree 5/20+ :astonished:

As were on the opposite sides of the UK to each other
West to East

Right folks explain that one then

karl M3FEH

Interesting Chatting to mark in Dundee 700km mark GS4AAF on 20m

Mikes at it again chasing the UT sota 14288 5/20+
Yet listening to Mike voice slightly distorted and don’t think its his station it more effect of the B/S

Any thing over 1k km struggling today

20m is doing strange things today


Right now there is a major sporadic E event covering most of Europe. Listen on ten, Karl, it may be pretty lively!


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YEP just worked IZ6BXV Es season bring it on :slight_smile:


Hello Karl,

Interesting observation because today I pumped up the mast to full height upon which sits the hexbeam.

Most of the time the mast is down at about 2.5m above the ground but the weather is good and major garden jobs are done, so a bit of a radio day today :wink:

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It is all over the place (propagation)…, not sure if Es or Bs I worked the MJ/ON station yesterday on 17m cw with a good signal here (380km)…

73 Angel

This afternoon HF propagation is non existant for any skip distance on any HF band. Not a single SOTA station heard in North Yorkshire for the past two hours…

73 Phil

Solar storm is now active

Hi Phil,
Not so bad over here. This is what I’ve chased so far in this afternoon.
Note there are 3 activators from England and 1 from Northern Ireland in my chaser log, so there must be some propagation between us…

Best 73 de Guru

P.D. don’t pay attention to the signal reports written on my log. I always leave the default 59 or 599

Same here … Not much heard @ KW ARI DX TEST this morning

K reading have fluctuated all day between K5 & K7 due to - “Moderate (G2) to strong (G3) geomagnetic storms are underway on May 8th as Earth passes through a region of space filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields. This type of interplanetary magnetic field easily links to Earth’s magnetic field, opening a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere. Solar wind can pour in to fuel auroras”

“More high-latitude auroras are possible in the nights ahead, with geomagnetic storm probabilities of 65% on May 9th and 10th as Earth moves into a high-speed solar wind stream”

Courtesy http://spaceweather.com/

73 Glyn

PS Even JT9 is struggling to pick up weak signals today

I am pretty sure you hide in by rucksack, you always make the trip along with EA2DT.
Most suprising from a dead band was 17m worked EB1IFK, always worth a call on 17m.


Wkd 16 stations on 14 MHz CW this afternoon from G/WB-020, including 3 USA and HB9DQM/P (S2S).

Mind you, that was a bit earlier … between 1205 and 1235 UTC.

Tnx for the nice QSO, Guru!

Walt (G3NYY)

Hi Graeme,
Not always, but we contacted on 20m today and that’s usually the best band for me.
My 5 element tribander up 15m above the ground in my QTH placed on top of a small hill does indeed give me good ears and good chances to chase weak signals on 20m.

I also have a broadband folded dipole not shown in the above picture, as it was installed a bit later, and I sometimes switch from the yagi to the dipole in order to compare and I just amaze how huge the difference always is. Some times I copy 57/59 signals which are just not copied at all or at best at the noise level on the broadband dipole.
You were a very good signal on my yagi today and although I didn’t switch to the dipole, I guess you would be around 5 S units lower.

When I have to chase the central european activators on 40m it’s often a completely different story and I use to miss many of them.

Weather has been very windy with rain in the morning and the afternoon/evening (in fact, it’s raining very much right now), so I didn’t go out to activate today and I spent some good time in the shack chasing.

Propagation may have not been the best but I wouldn’t say it has been a bad chasing day for me at all. This is my log up to now:

Thanks for the activation and the QSO today and I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again soon.

Best 73 de Guru

The same applies to you, Walt. You were a very good signal also with my yagi
Thanks for your activation and the 20m CW QSO today.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again soon.
Best 73 de Guru

But with bands in awful conditions, I was surprised to work you on 60m on a reasonably short contact distance of 200km. Some other more distant chasers like Don G0RQL were struggling on 60m. 40m was very long by 1500Z with EA2 and SM being 599 signals. Of course best fun and games was 60m when GI0HWO came up asking if the frequency was in use. Fair dinkum to ask and he couldn’t hear me but I was QRP. Nor could hear you, or G0RQL or G1YFF and 5 or 6 other people who kept telling him the frequency was in use every time he asked. He kept on asking and everyone kept telling hjim and he couldn’t hear jack and he kept on doing his tests and asking if it was in use and then transmitting more. I can assume he was testing a TX and not an RX because the RX was definitely NOT WORKING! Or perhaps he forgot to turn up the volume. :wink:

Watched this programme yesterday ice station antarctica fast forward to 36mins good explanation of the Aurora and magnetic storms, normally this stuff puts me to sleep but was well explained.

Sorry for the hijack


Not at all

Rather enjoyed that, thank you.

This is the other side of the planet and in its history of the lost Russian islands hidden during the cold war and the radio ham connection of former hams revisiting there old bases many many years laters…



Yes it was pretty dire but not impossible. HF QSO counts from our summits (Caroline and me combined) were:

gi/sm-010: 60m 6,40m 5, 20m 7
gi/sm-006 60m 8, 40m 3, 80m 1, 20m 2

On 60m from gi/sm-006 I was suffering from chasers calling out of turn because they couldn’t hear each other and obviously weren’t hearing me very well. I know it wasn’t deliberate. Unfortunately G6TUH and G0TDM were heard but not successfully contacted from this summit.

Hope it’s better today.


It just happened again with Martin MI1MAJ. He was worked by a M0 station, who then got called by a second M0 station and simply forgot Martin was on the frequency originally calling and started rag chewing !

Unbelievable, it must be the heat !