Back in "The Office"

Today was quite sunny and not so windy and I wanted to convert my 40m/30m linked dipole, to a 3 band dipole by adding 60m legs. I calculated the length and cut the 2 extra legs at home, then set off to GW/NW-062, where I would crimp on the power poles and test the antenna with an activation. Roy & Phil were due on the same summit so I thought it would be a good chance to say hello to them. Several chasers asked me if I was with them, but I never saw them. I was set up on the radio station side of the summit and I presume that Roy and Phil were on the south side of the trig, in the lee of the cold wind coming in off the Irish Sea.

On switch on, my FT-817 was on 40m-CW and I heard Gyula HA2VR/P calling CQ from HA/KM-014. I called just once and we completed a pleasing S2S. Strangely enough, my final contact was also a S2S with Rob GW4RQJ/P & Audrey just about to leave GW/NW-044. Apologies for my sudden disappearance Rob, my handheld’s battery gave up on me but at least we confirmed the S2S first, hi.

The 5 megs antenna was spot on tune without the need to trim it. It performed very well, I used just 5 watts with excellent reports both ways from right around the UK. I also worked my first 2 EI stations on 60m from a summit.

A very satisfying activation, with 36 contacts, 12 DXCCs and 2 S2S.

60m-SSB = 13 QSOs
40m-cw = 22 QSOs
2m-fm = 1 QSO

Thanks to all stations worked and for the many spots. Thanks to Peter ON3WAB for the 60m spot/report, these reports are always appreciated as a propagation guide. Also, thanks to Gyula and Rob for the S2S contacts.


My pleasure Mike,

It brings in my SOTA SWL points as well so works both ways hi.

I find that when the U.K. struggles with another U.K. station I usually get big signals, and the other way round.

Just the propogation I guess.