Back from the was a flop

Today I had more than only one problem… First: the cable car to the start point of hb/be-088 was out of service. To walk this distance takes abt 5 hours. So I took the train to “kleine Scheidegg”. There is every hour a train - the last was 5 min ago… so I had a brake for 55 min! The wx was beatiful so I enjoied the beautiful landscape…I arrived kleine Scheidegg at 11:30. The walk from kleine Scheidegg to Männlichen takes abt 2-2.5 hours. I started… after 400m the trail was blocked. Not a porblem fo me… I walked on but after 1km there was too much snow. I sank up to the hips in the wet snow - no chance: I broke the expedition off! I’m sorry. I hope next time I’ll have more success!

vy 73 David, HB9RVS

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Hi David
Sri you had so many problems with the snow - FB on trying to activate the summit and better luck next time!
73 de CRIS

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Hi David!

Sounds like you could have made good use of Richard G3CWI’s snow shows - hi!

GL nxt time.


PS: Just back from the Italian Alps - skiing. No SOTA (:>( Bags of snow - great!!