Baaa! Matthew M0MZB joins the herd…

Congratulations to Matthew M0MZB for reaching 1000 points on High Stile G/LD-012. It was done in high style with an overnight camp on the mountain.


Thanks very much John

Was a great night out on High Stile, G7KSE was on Dent for a S2S, and I made a good number of QSOs on 2m and HF. Was lovely to speak to many of the chasers that I have been lucky to qso with during my goat journeys.

It has been a good award to chase over the past 2.5 years. SOTA has given my new ideas for my little expeditions and has put me in touch with lots of new friends. The challenge of mountain goat has included many facets, from learning CW to antenna building; from battery technology to fishing poles.

There are many hills I have done that I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered with, yet they have turned out to be great hills…Fountains Fell, Great Whernside, Cairn Pat, Harter Fell, Hallin Fell and many others…I think I would have just walked past without going to the summit without SOTA . For hills that I have visited many times before i joined SOTA, i now have a new perspective having spent longer on the summit.

Images from my activation of High Stile


Congratulations Matthew!

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Congratulations Matthew on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats Matthew - very well done.
It’s always a treat to read your adventure reports.


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Congratulations Matthew and keep up with your amazing night-outs!

Thanks to the new SOTA data site, I saw that in 2021 we had a S2S when I used the call HB15SOTA.

Have fun and 73, Stephan


Congrats Matthew - very spiffy setup!


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Well done @M0MZB …Dent was about as busy as well :slight_smile:

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Well done Matthew. You’ve gained your goathood in style over the last 2.5 yrs!

Are you coming to the pub on the LD weekend? It would be good to meet.

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Great Job Matthew,. You kept that one quiet during our S2S (G/LD-012 2 GW/NW-004) this morning! Only 300 more points before I get there; 18 ticket off today.



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Congratulations and a big thank you for the inspiring adventure reports.
You are probably the leading activator when it comes to activation done by multiday hikes with summit camps (I guess).
Looking forward to the next adventure.

73 Joe


Well done Matthew, I had hoped to work you this morning but couldn’t get a clear signal.

73 Andrew

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Good stuff, Matthew, great report & pics.
73 John

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Congratulations Matthew!

You’ve certainly earned your Goat! I enjoy learning about your trips. Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures during the quest to earn your next goat!

73, Colin

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Thanks Colin

I think I will turn my focus to activating more LD summits as overnight camps and completing LD and NP.

Pre SOTA i did a lot more walking in Scotland, so might head up towards the Fisherfield area and also redo the Scottish 4000’ers (a route from Cairn Gorm to Ben Nevis, covering all 4000ft mountains). Although, I have gradually become less and less tolerant of midges, and now get a nasty reaction, so might just stick to south of the border!

I think I will also be more in inclined to repeat favourite summits in each year, meaning more frequent overnight stays atop Seatallan.

I have been introducing my young son to radio via PMR446…he joined me on an overnight camp on Black Combe last year, so looking forward to more sorties with him too.


Congratulations Matthew…welcome to the herd :goat:

Allan GW4VPX

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Congratulations Matthew!
73, Robert

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Really congratulations!
73 de ik6bak, Eliseo.

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Congratulations @M0MZB Matthew :+1: good job done indeed!

73, Ben

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Well done Matthew! I’ve enjoyed reading your reports. Keep them coming!

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