Azore Island Sao Miguel


I will be on the Azore Islands São Miguel (CU2; IOTA EU-003) from the 22th to the 30th of December 2015
and plan to activate the summits CU/SM-004; 006, 008 and 009 in SSB with the callsign CT8/DL8DBW/P.

I plan to take my standard sota equipment FT857D - 50watts and Dipol. I will work at 20, 12 and 10m.

I hope to here you.


Hello Tom,
Have a great holiday. Will listen out for you :wink:
Evening meal due so better go.
Good luck and best wishes for Christmas & 2016+.
Night night.

Thanks for the notice, we’ll look for you. Please post alerts.

Kevin AC2KL

We are since yesterday morning in the Azores. Yesterday I have CU / SM-008 Serra Gorda activated. There is a strong storm here. During activation, I had to rebuild the antenna 4 times. After 40 minutes, I have finished the activation. Thanks for all the calls.
Today I tries to reach CU / SM-009. But due to the storm, the trails were closed. Tomorrow the storm reached the high point with wind force 10 and a lot of rain.
Merry Christmas

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Hi Thomas

Weather is Azores is like that. Sometimes the 4 seasons in the same day!

I hope the weather will improve and you can do some activactions on that beautiful island of S. Miguel.

Happy Xmas

73 de Pedro CT1DBS/CU3HF