Away to the sunshine, hopefully

Been a while since I’ve been on a plane to warmer climes to do a few summits. Off to Feuteventura, an island I’ve not visited before. Not sure of which summits will be attempted yet, and in which order, but I have two completes to attempt and there are a few uniques left. Alerts will be posted when we are settled. Primary bands will be 20 and 17m, with 15/12/10m secondary.



Have fun, I’ll be listening for you.

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Enjoy the trip hope to work you there.Don.

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Really not been organised for this trip partly because it had been a last minute booking, so deciding on summits on-the-go nothing pre-planed.

I have an unactivated unique in mind for the first one later today.


I did a bit of surveying when I was there Carolyn. Quite a few of the unactivated ones are either a long walk or they look like you’ll need mountain climbing skills/ropes etc. Well they looked far to serious for a gentle holiday activation. If you want to divulge (PM or email if you want) your possibles I’ll see if I have any photos of them from this last visit in November.

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Well done M0YHB and G6WRW! you were putting a very good signal from EA8/FU-016 into my remote station near Pamplona. Congrats also for the DX USA worked.
Enjoy your stay and SOTA in Fuerteventura.


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Hi Carolyn,

Glad to get you today. Nothing to spare but made the trip on an improving band. TNX QSO. Enjoy the sunshine.

PS, Just looked at our hill on Google Earth. Looks like a moonscape! Hope you descend OK in the darkness. Phew.


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Hi Carolyn.
Good to hear you on a summit again. Barely audible on 20m here; I spent some time calling you on 17m and then had the bright idea of changing aerial - got straight through; thanks for a new one.

Hi David.
I think they will have an extra hour of daylight compared with us; and at 16:30 GMT it is still not quite dark here in Hereford.
73 all,

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Have a great time both! Try not to miss the wind and rain too much :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD

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I only noticed you had been out here after you had got back. Really haven’t researched the summits in any great detail and the few we had looked at didn’t prepare us for just how pointy the hills here are! Nothing like the pimples on Lanzarote :slightly_smiling_face:

Pleased to get you on 17m Brian :slightly_smiling_face:

Don, you were easy to pick out in the pile-up :slightly_smiling_face:

Guru, 20m went from lots of very big signals to quiet over the activation. Really enjoyed getting back on a serious hill :slightly_smiling_face:

Pleased to get you in my log David.

The hill was a caldera, an extinct volcano, unfortunately we realised when we reached the summit there was an easier route up than the one we took but all good experience! Sunset here is at 1800 so back down with plenty of time to spare.

20m up and down, 17m was far more stable. Pleased I got you. Nice first to activate and qualify for me :slightly_smiling_face:

We won’t :slightly_smiling_face: We needed to get away.

Oh yes… they look straightforward on Google Maps earth view then you see them up close.

Like these 2:

EA8/FU-007 Cardón

EA8/FU-011 Montaña del Melindraga

When I worked you on 20m I did it with my remote station on RX and TX.
Later, when you QSYed to 17m I copied you very well on my remote station for some time but it’s not yet ready for TX, so I called you from my appartment in the city transmitting with just 50 watts into an endfed wire in the balcony. The orientation of my endfed in the appartment balcony is particularly bad for EA8 and that’s why there always were other chasers stronger than me and you never copied me. At one point, the propagation conditions ended and your signals faded totally out. It was nice to hear you enjoying with so many chasers on 17m.