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Recent other threads have indicated that some activators are looking for other challenges having attained MG status, and are looking outside SOTA. There is a growing interest in a range of bands/modes.

Having got my MG as M0DFA on 2M, I was looking for another challenge, and having the luxury of a second call, I’ve started going for a 2nd MG on HF as G6DTN. Others do not have this facility.

Is it time to once again suggest that the award system be amended to permit awards on the basis of specific bands/modes?

Please discuss agree/disagree.

73, Dave, M0DFA/G6DTN


In reply to M0DFA:

Hi Dave,

I am not into awards, but I would have thought that it would be sensible for an awards programme to encompass the endorsement of certificates. As SOTA is based on personal challenges, then success in achieving the aims that we personally set for ourselves should be acknowledged in some manner. It need not affect the basic awards programme.

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:

There’s something nice to the simplicity of the current award scheme. However, if people think that some other certificates / awards / endorsements are needed then perhaps this is something for the individual AM’s to organise. That way the global SOTA award scheme stays the same for all associations but local awards are available where they might make sense. There’d be no point offering a 5MHz only award in DL say.

All the data for single band or VHF only etc awards already exists in the database that is open to all. The only single award that requires a bit if effort to check or review would be for summit to summit awards.

Just a thought.



In reply to all:

In the past, I have written to the MT suggesting an additional award achieved ‘by country’ i.e. MG in GW or in G, Shack Sloth in G or DM etc. At the time it was considered undesirable.

I was interested in the Activator table and so registered as GW7KXV and have a position on the Wales Activator table, I have retained all my points on my home table (G) but may transfer them in the future. It does mean double entry into the database but the facility is there for all of us now.

73 Ian