Awards Report - November & December

SOTA Awards December 2018

This report covers the months November and December 2018; I was on vacation from mid-November so could not produce a report for November.

There were six Mountain Goats in the period claiming awards and nine Shack Sloths. Congratulations to all of them.

W0ERI has finally made it to 100k points in the Chaser section and I am now taking bets on the date for the quarter million; Martha is a very prolific Chaser! I must not ignore the new “Supersloths” with 10k points: HB9JOE, VK1DA and N7EDK. Well done all of you

Trophies Issued

Mountain Goat

N1ZF Paul Pribula

KX6A Michael Geoghegan

AC0PR Michael Cartmill

HB9EIV Michael Rass

Shack Sloth

K7GT Allan Taylor

W6IYS Bill Zaner

AG6V Donna Hinshaw

N7MSI Bill McGuire

JF8LPB Keiichi Kondo

Certificates Issued


IKX6A Michael Geoghegan 1000 points

AC0PR Michael Cartmill 1000 points

HB9EIV Michael Rass 1000 points

VA2VL Jean-Francois Maher 1000 points

MM0GLM Jim Glen 500 points

ZS5AYC Sid Tyler 500 points

KB1HQS Stuart Thomas 500 points

K7FOP Roland Simmons 500 points

M0VFC Rob Chipperfield 500 points

SP3LRS Grzegorz Furmaniak 250 points

KB1HQS Stuart Thomas 250 points

M0PLA Paul Athersmith 250 points

SP3LRS Grzegorz Furmaniak 100 points

NY4G Ariel Jacala 100 points

KB1HQS Stuart Thomas 100 points

EI6FR Declan Craig 100 points

Activator Unique

HB9JOE Andreas Thiemann 500 summits

AC0PR Michael Cartmill 100 summits


W0ERI Martha Auchard 100000 points

HB9JOE Andreas Thiemann 10000 points

VK1DA Andrew Davis 10000 points

N7EDK Edward Kacura 10000 points

MI0RTY Martin Strawbridge 5000 points

VA2VL Jean-Francois Maher 5000 points

N7MSI Bill McGuire 1000 points

K9EZ Kent Winrich 1000 points

JF8LPB Keiichi Kondo 1000 points

AD0YM Michael Smith 500 points

K9EZ Kent Winrich 500 points

K9EZ Kent Winrich 250 points

M0NZO Greg Bolshaw 250 points

DD2TC Clemens Muller 100 points

NY4G Ariel Jacala 100 points

ZS1OB Neels v Eeden 100 points

K4ZLT Frederick Banzer 100 points

K9EZ Kent Winrich 100 points

JP3PAD Michihisa Ueta 100 points

G7WKX Simon Davis 100 points

Chaser Unique

VK1DA Andrew Davis 500 summits

K9EZ Kent Winrich 250 summits

K9EZ Kent Winrich 100 summits

Summit to Summit

VK1DA Andrew Davis Gold

W0ERI Martha Auchard Red

W0ERI Martha Auchard Bronze

Mountain Explorer

HA2EBA Istvan Kovari Gold

M0VFC Rob Chipperfield Silver

OM6TC Jozef Stefik Bronze

VK1AD Andrew Moseley Tourist

Mountain Hunter

K5QR Andrew Bonnot Amethyst

OM6TC Jozef Stefik Gold

W6IYS Bill Zaner Bronze

Microwave Award

RA9WJV Marat Adgamov 100 Km 23 cm

RK8A Vladimir Angeli 100 Km 23 cm

I have been surprised just how many SOTA participants either do not read the postings on the reflector or do not even know of its existence. I had hoped by posting during October and November that I would be on vacation for much of November and December that people would realise that I could not deal with orders for Awards, or merchandise, until I returned! Never mind, all back orders (up to and including 30 December) have been cleared and shipped. Apologies if these were required for Christmas – at least you will receive them before Christmas 2019!

I have a shortage of trophy blanks and, as the company that makes them is on holiday until 7 January, I will not be able to satisfy any orders for Mountain Goat trophies until February. I have now placed an order for T-shirts, something that has had limited stock for some months, and hope to be able to supply all sizes some time in January.

Finally, a Happy New Year to all SOTA participants (and their long suffering families); I hope that 2019 is a excellent year for all of you and that you achieve all the goals you have set for yourselves.

Stay safe on the hills


Barry GM4TOE

SOTA Awards Manager


Thanks for all of the hard work you do for this group!

Kent K9EZ

Many thanks. I always look forward to your reports; and I have taken advantage of your supply cabinet!

Many, many thanks.

Joe - AA0BV

Is this surprising? Even if you are fully aware of a possible delay in delivery, it surely makes sense to order as soon as possible to get a place in the queue. What would be the point of waiting? Deliberately deferring the order risks forgetting to do it at the right time.

But what makes you think orders are dealt with in the order they are received? :wink:


But in the absence of that knowledge, it still seems to me to be the best strategy to get the order in. It’s a good bet that other people will, and that there will be a backlog. Waiting until the backlog has cleared cannot possibly cause delivery to be any earlier!


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It’s not the backlog of orders that is the problem - they were dealt with as soon as I was able to do the work. It is the slew of emails asking where their orders were - most didn’t get a response but I still had to check them all.

Never mind, backlog cleared, new orders just coming in.

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