Awards Report - January 2019

SOTA Awards January 2019

A belated Happy New Year to all SOTA participants. My apologies for being a day or so late with this report – family life got in the way!

Congratulations to Mountain Goats VE6IXD, EI3KA and SQ9OZM and a special mention to prolific Activator G4YSS on reaching 5 x MG. We have new Shack Sloths M3NHA, JI3BAP, ZL2ATH and AD0YM; well done for achieving these goals.

The scores for Chaser continue to rise with G4SSH reaching 150 k points (all CW) and EA2CKX 100 k points – amazing achievements.

Trophies Issued

Mountain Goat

VE6IXD Ian Drummond

Shack Sloth

M3NHA Tony Ratcliff

JI3BAP Akihiro Matsuda

ZL2ATH Wynne Morgan

Certificates Issued


G4YSS John Earnshaw 5000 points

EI3KA John Smyth 1000 points

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer 1000 points

M1CJE Andrew Eastland 500 points

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer 500 points

2E0XRB Richard Bishop 100 points

Activator Unique

GI0AZA Esther Harper 100 summits

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer 100 summits


G4SSH Roy Clayton 150 k points

EA2CKX Pedro Chinchurreta 100 k points

K6EL Elliott Pisor 50000 points

VK2IO Gerard Hill 30000 points

VE1WT Phil Long 20000 points

GW4VPX Allan Jones 10000 points

AE9Q David Dostie 5000 points

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer 5000 points

M3NHA Tony Ratcliff 1000 points

JI3BAP Akihiro Matsuda 1000 points

AD0YM Michael Smith 1000 points

NY4G Ariel Jacala 500 points

G7HEM Mike Hartley 500 points

M0PLA Paul Athersmith 500 points

SP9MTJ Michal Jarecki 250 points

W5EEX John Leediker 250 points

K6FRC Paul Shinn 100 points

M1CJE Andrew Eastland 100 points

M0SWV Ben Elms-Lester 100 points

ZS3WL Woody Collett 100 points

Chaser Unique

EA2CKX Pedro Chinchurreta 8000 summits

GI0AZA Esther Harper 1000 summits

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer 500 summits

JI3BAP Akihiro Matsuda 100 summits

VK5FMAZ Marija Simmonds 100 summits

2E0DIJ Duane Yates 100 summits

Summit to Summit

AE9Q David Dostie Silver

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer Silver

G1FOA Peter Franklin Bronze

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer Bronze

M1CJE Andrew Eastland Red

M0WBG Neil Challis Red

Mountain Explorer

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer Silver

VE7KPM Mike Shoesmith Bronze

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer Bronze

GI0AZA Esther Harper Tourist

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer Tourist

Mountain Hunter

GI0AZA Esther Harper Amethyst

M3NHA Tony Ratcliff Platinum

M6NHA Sara Ratcliff Gold

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer Gold

SQ9OZM Marcin Bajer Silver

M7AFI Nickie Cheetham Bronze

VE7KPM Mike Shoesmith Bronze

VK5FMAZ Marija Simmonds Bronze

GI0AZA Esther Harper Bronze (VHF only)

Microwave Award

JF1NDT Yukio Osada 100 km 23 cm

I had hoped to have T-shirts delivered during January but my usual supplier decided to increase his prices considerably so I have had to try to find an alternative. Inevitably there may have to be an increase in selling price but I will attempt to keep it to a minimum.

The glass trophy supplier also had to put a delay on my delivery due to their attendance at a trade fair. The trophies should be with me in the next week so the two people waiting on MG trophies should receive them by month end (or earlier if possible).

Good news for people who have waited a year or more for me to re-stock the embroidered badge with “Mountain Goat” embroidered onto it. I finally managed to make an order that would justify my purchasing them (minimum order level 750 badges). They are in-stock now and available from the online shop

My thanks to all the folk who have made a donation towards SOTA funds recently. That is very much appreciated.

Winter is definitely here in Scotland and the Mountain Rescue teams have been very active. Luckily they appear to have had to help climbers and walkers who were well equipped including one who used a PLB to summon help.

Stay safe on the hills


Barry GM4TOE

SOTA Awards Manager