Awards on the quick :-)

Wow that was quick less than 7 days from putting in to them on me door step.
Me 25k chaser and 3K Unquies .

Happy bunny thank you

karl M3FEH


Brilliant here too - certificates arrived very fast - thank you! The awards were a bit smaller… 100 Activator points and 500 chaser points. (Wonder if the ratio of activator to chaser points is correlated with Body mass Index…?)

There will be one or two claimants who might have to wait a bit longer - went to post the trophies that are waiting here and looked for my replacement box of padded envelopes, except they are board envelopes for certificates! Now ordered and should be with me by Tuesday.

The lot of the awards manager is not an easy one - especially when he proves to himself that he is gormless :grinning:

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