Awards issued in June 2018

The following is my belated report for the issue of awards during the month of June 2018:

SOTA Awards June 2018

June, as always, was a slightly quieter month for awards but the claims still mount. Congratulations to Shack Sloths JS1BXH, G4DQB and AA0BV. This month we have several Chasers reaching the giddy heights of Supersloth and above so well done to W0MNA, NS7P M0JLA, KR7RK and DB7MM. There was very little activity on the Activator award front but I must note that M1MAJ, who lives in one of the flattest areas of England, has activated 500 Unique summits.

Can I also highlight the availability of the Chaser awards to Shortwave Listeners – 4X4-2238 is an SWL and has an outstanding record in the SWL field.

Trophies Issued

Shack Sloth
JS1BXH Shinya Hasegawa

Certificates Issued

M1CJE Andrew Eastland 250 points
LB4FH Kjetil Vinorum 100 points

W0MNA Gary Auchard 100000 points
NS7P Phil Shepard 100000 points
M0JLA Rod Archard 10000 points
KR7RK Keith Schlottman 10000 points
DB7MM Dr. Michael Multerer 10000 points
4X4-2238 Eyran Millis 5000 points
WC0Y Edward Hall 2500 points
G4DQB Geoff Wallis 1000 points
AA0BV Joe Olson 1000 points
JS1BXH Shinya Hasegawa 1000 points
SV2HSY Efthymios Nikolaou 500 points
LB4FH Kjetil Vinorum 500 points
G0UUU Phil Earnshaw 250 points
PC5Z Harm Fokkens 250 points
DO5TMM Marcel Muller 100 points
K0GWR Gil Rogers 100 points
K0WRY Kent Hoskinson 100 points
DO8BKF Benedikt Zauner 100 points
SP9BIJ Marco Longo 100 points
PC5Z Harm Fokkens 100 points
SP9MTJ Michal Jarecki 100 points
ZS1OB Neels van Eeden 100 points

Activator Unique
M1MAJ Martyn Johnson 500 summits
ON7DQ Luc Decroos 100 summits

Chaser Unique
ON4FI Karel Naessens 7000 summits
ON7DQ Luc Decroos 1000 summits
4X4-2238 Eyran Millis 500 summits
SV2HSY Efthymios Nikolaou 100 summits

Summit to Summit
DB7MM Dr. Michael Multerer Platinum
LB4FH Kjetil Vinorum Red
9A2GA Boris Lanca Red

SOTA Complete
DB7MM Dr. Michael Multerer 100 summits

Mountain Explorer
AE0AX Stuart Cox Bronze

Mountain Hunter
ZL2AJ Warren Harris Gold
9A2GA Boris Lanca Gold
IZ3NVR Stefano Menon Bronze
HB9FZC Carine Kalbermatten Bronze

Not very much to add this month, my thanks for the donations made by several people this month; they are always very appreciated.

If you want your award to be an accurate record of your work as an Activator or Chaser then please get your “Qualification Date” correct – it is NOT the date you apply for the award (it might be) it is the date you achieved that number of points (or summits). If you fail to put in a date I will just put in the date you applied for the award. This is not rocket science, just download your relevant log and the cumulative number of points will show in the right hand column, look across the page to the left and find the corresponding date – THAT is the Qualification Date.

Please take care and be safe on the hills


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

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