Awards issued in July 2018

SOTA Awards July 2018

July was a very busy month for awards and merchandise.
Congratulations to all our Mountain Goats and Shack Sloths but special mention to ON6ZQ for reaching 2500 Activator points, K0LAF for 25k Chaser points and OK2PDT for only the second person to reach Amethyst level in the Mountain Hunter class.

This report is, of necessity, short as the comments below will explain

Trophies Issued

Mountain Goat
HB9BQB Guido Giannini
JG1BOK Satoru Kawamata
KR7RK Keith Schlottman
OM1WS Jakub Ondrusek

Shack Sloth
K3JH John Hucke
K0EAP Eric Philipp

Certificates Issued

ON6ZQ Christophe David 2500 points
S57D Milos Dermota 1000 points
HB9BQB Guido Giannini 1000 points
JG1BOK Satoru Kawamata 1000 points
HB9FZC Carine Kalbermatten 1000 points
OM1WS Jakub Ondrusek 1000 points
OK1BIL Marek Petko 500 points
JF8LPB Keiichi Kondo 250 points
DJ5VY Werner Pohl 250 points
IZ1GDB Riccardo Iozzia 100 points
OE2GXL Gilbert Schwank 100 points
IZ1DNQ Radiosi Fabrizio 100 points
W1PTS Tom Simpson 100 points

K0LAF Charles M. Young 25000 points
NQ7R Thomas Kramer 15000 points
VK3LED Col Herbert 10000 points
K0LAF Charles M. Young 10000 points
NW7E Mike Kroh 5000 points
KD8DEU Allan Van Brocklin 2500 points
K3JH John Hucke 1000 points
JA1JCF Nobi Hyakutake 1000 points
S57D Milos Dermota 1000 points
SV2HSZ Michalis Sirkos 1000 points
VE6CCM Jack Whiteside 1000 points
K0EAP Eric Philipp 1000 points
SV2HSY Efthymios Nikolaou 1000 points
LZ1GJ Jany Ganchev 1000 points
K0LAF Charles M. Young 1000 points
SP9MOV Krzysztof Krawiec 500 points
N3NNU Joseph Ladd 500 points
VK4HNS Neil Shand 500 points
K6FW Frank Westphal 250 points
W1PTS Tom Simpson 100 points
K6FW Frank Westphal 100 points
SP9CH Grzegorz Schmidt 100 points

Activator Unique
M3ZCB Caroline Blackmun 500 summits
S57D Milos Dermota 100 summits
HB9NBG Rene Lutz 100 summits
HB9FZC Carine Kalbermatten 100 summits

Chaser Unique
NW7E Mike Kroh 1000 summits
S57D Milos Dermota 500 summits
K1LIZ Elizabeth Burns 250 summits

Summit to Summit
VK1VIC Anthony Vickers Silver
JF8LPB Keiichi Kondo Red

Microwave Award
LZ1GJ Jany Ganchev 100 km 23 cm
LZ1KG Dimitar Yordanov 100 km 23 cm

Mountain Explorer
KR7RK Keith Schlottman Gold
S57D Milos Dermota Silver
K0JJW Joyce White Silver
DK3CW Jakob P. Strickler Bronze
S57D Milos Dermota Tourist
DK3CW Jakob P. Strickler Tourist

Mountain Hunter
OK2PDT Jan Lavicka Amethyst
OE5HDN Henry Huber Platinum
S57D Milos Dermota Gold
ON3EA Eddy Vandoninck Silver
OE3DEC Christian Eggenhofer Bronze
K6FW Frank Westphal Bronze

Many of you will find that awards you claimed do not show in the listing above, this is because of one of the following:

  1. The qualification date was missing or just plain wrong
  2. You claimed an award which you are not qualified for
  3. You have claimed the award previously and it has been issued to you
  4. You require a variant (say ALL CW) when your log is a mix of modes. Most people claiming these variants expected me to check their log and sort this out – wrong!

Any claims that fall into one, or more, of these categories have been rejected, the claimant advised where possible and the order deleted from the ordering system.

I placed an announcement on the reflector in July informing everybody that the issue of free-of-charge downloadable certificates was being suspended from the end of July. This facility will be re-introduced once the data gurus have found a satisfactory way for everybody to claim, check and download their award without my intervention. The workload for generating the pdf certificates just became completely untenable due to the number of errors in award claims. Every award had to be checked manually to ensure all the information (which is freely available to you in your database logs) was correct and this was resulting in several full working days of my time to check. I am unwilling to continue to do this.
Unfortunately this also penalises the great majority of claimants who did get the information correct, but because of the errors of the few I was faced with checking every claim.

Certificates will still be available in printed form via the postal service. Hopefully the online certificate generation will be available in the next month or two, however the range of options will be severely limited and “specials” will only be made available in printed form.

I trust everybody understands that volunteers have severely limited free time and, for me, SOTA had become a full time occupation for at least two weeks every month without the chance to either activate hills or chase other expeditions.


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager