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Award certificates

I did a quick perusal of the awards page and did not find a reference relating to working a summit on multiple bands so I assume if I work W7A/PN-125, for example on 40m there is no extra point advantage to working it on other bands.

Maybe just the personal satisfaction. Thanks for the bandwidth.


Hi Tom, if it is on the same zulu day, there are no additional chaser points for working the same summit (doesn’t matter if it is the same activator or a different one). Where we are lucky in VK is that the zulu rollover (i.e. 2359Z to 0001Z) is during our day time, so for the chasers they can get points from a contact just before rollover and again from another contact after rollover.

Can be quite irritating as a chaser (and activator) to have some chatterbox wanting to tell you all about his local weather, his medical conditions, what he had for breakfast, that his daughter moved to your side of the country or something else that I have no interest in - particularly when there are a pile of people wanting to get the points before and after rollover!