Avoid the M6 this afternoon!

Stopping SOTA activations in the north live from the front of the m6 hold up…

Another one against FLs?:grinning::wink:

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The M6 is usually much better in the wee hours. That’s why I usually leave home in Northampton at 03:00, arrive at Paul’s QTH in Stourbridge at about 04:20 and aim to get on our way up the motorway at 04:40. The main problem then is finding the occasional lorry in the fast lane complete with its comatose driver…

Still planning the next outing.

73, Gerald G4OIG

It was another one of those ice-cream tubs on wheels again !

Caused absolute chaos as it collided with three vehicles. The amount of money businesses must loose as a result of these stupid accidents must warrant a further increase in caravan tax. Not to mention people getting injured too.

Anyway now in Kirkstone pass Inn sinking a few beers :slight_smile:

Yes, you have to put up with the delays and be thankful that it is not you… hopefully never will be, but I have had a few close calls on motoways in my time, being forced up to the barriers or onto the hard shoulder. With pretty much all of my activations now up in GM, I am getting sick of the M6. Can someone connect Staffordshire directly to the border for me?

Hope that the beer is A1. Just finishing a pint of Gold Hobgoblin… but my living room doesn’t quite have the right ambience.

73 Gerald G4OIG

Eden Best, another one I don’t think I had before. I am a bit reluctant to have another incase I don’t rise in the morning.

Seat Sandle, Sunday Crag and Fairfield all in one go tomorrow. I hope the prop is kind, all on HF.

I agree Gerald, nothing beats an early morning get up. Its exactly the same in North Wales. It wasn’t the case today as I had a meeting in Manchester before hand.

Its a lovely pub though !


Hi Jonathan, your alert says Seat Sandle this evening. What time are you hoping to do it tomorrow? (Keen to try for QSOs as I did the same 3 a couple of weeks ago)
Good luck

Is Stan the British Bulldog still there at the Kirkstone Inn?

Starting around 10. I reckon I will be at the first summit around 1130. Taking my time with these and will try multiple bands.

I have the head touch and 15m vertical for later on.

Yep he is still thereally Tom :slight_smile: