Austrian Summit?

Ive logged today early morning OE5XWM/p on 20m
Info on cluster gave 2000m high
But the op. never gave any SOTA ref.
Does anybody have an idea what SOTA he was today?
Tnx 73
Eyran 4X4-2238.

Can’t see any spots on SOTAwatch Eyran. 2000m high doesn’t necessarily mean on a summit, let alone a SOTA summit.

It could turn out to be a valid SOTA activation, but for now you should probably assume that it wasn’t SOTA.

Hello Eyran,
Did a quick search on the DX Cluster:

So lots of spots on cluster which you know.
Hope this helps.
Night night

hello eyran,

the callsign OE5XWM/p is operated by a group of three operators (OE5POP, OE5PSO, OE1DXU). i don’t know the exact location they are transmitting from … but i can definately say that they are not an a SOTA - summit!

for more info please check:

found this photo on facebook:

73 de Martin, OE5REO

Tnx Martin and others ,
73& gd chase!