August 2015 E7/BO activations

In august 2015 we made two activation in E7: E7/BO-003 and E7/BO-004. The E7/BO-003, Bjelasnica was activated only once before and the E7/BO-004 Krvavac was not activated yet. There are many summits in E7 which were not activated yet. It’s really a shame, because there are many summits without minefields with beautiful nature and beautiful views.

I wrote two reports for both summits, unfortunately in Slovenian language. Just for reference, I will post here summary in English. I hope you like the pictures at least since strange language is probably not understandable to most members here :smile:

E7/BO-003 - Bjelasnica opservatorija, link to original report
Weather observatory at the top is one of the oldest. We took ski lift from Babin Do (5KM, about 2,5EUR per person). It took us about half way to the top. It still remains about hour uphill to the top. Last ski lift run is at 16h. The views from the top were really beautiful. I made 9 QSOs from the top, one local to Sarajevo, mostly on 20m and one on 40m.

E7/BO-004 - Krvavac link to original report
Next day we started earlyer. The weather was excellent and we took the old road to Lukomir, parked about half way in Dugo polje near water source (check GPX track). The summit was visible from this spot and it took us about 2h to reach the summit. Me and my son (S57GP) made 24 QSOs from this summit with many thanks to all patient hams who had a chance to hear us. It was great fun and the rest of our family rest in the shadow of thick pine trees near the summit. From the top we could see Bjelašnica summit, activated a day before.

Our equipment was:

  • FT817ND
  • wire dipole (inverted V) with manually connectible sections for 5 bands
  • 11V, 10Ah LiPo (3S/3P)
  • LDG Z817 antenna tuner
  • “paper log”
  • 10m Fiberglass pole

I hope I will have opportunity to activate some additional forgotten summits in E7. The greatest beside the activation was meeting nice people in this remote areas.

73, GL de S54MTB