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AU SMS gateway operational /number?

I can post (from NZ) via UK gateway, but not AU gateway
+61447568667 https://www.sota.org.uk/Joining-In/SOTA-SMS-Format

Does it work for someone in Vk or ZL?

Andy said

I don’t recognise the number +61447568667? What is it?

So: Is this there an operational AU gateway, what is its number, or is there an issue with outside VK sms?

Looks legit according to the SMS Spotting info here:

Australians can use 0447 568667 ( +61447568667 )
European spotters should use 07903 533046 ( +447903533046 )
or the OE SMS number +43 680 3110897
For North Americans the number is 1-424-373-SOTA ( 1-424-373-7682 )

Sounds like a misunderstanding?
Or maybe that number is blocked for outside VK numbers?

73 Joe

The point is: it doesnt work, but UK does

Does it work for someone in Vk or ZL

You need to be registered on parksnpeaks.org I believe

Well that would explain it.

And of course it won’t accept my phone number - looks like its an AU only thing if its only taking a local number, not the +64 part

That’s some info that should be on the info page I linked.
In case someone visits VK and expects it to work the same way as the other numbers.
Maybe Allen @VK3HRA can shed some light on that matter.

Ok so the issue is that it wants a phone number
+<11 digits>
of course my number is +<10 digits>

Allen @VK3HRA is the contact. He’ll get to the problem eventually. Proper solution is probably to have a ZL SMS number.

ZL sms gateway is probably not needed. I get free texts to AU, and I’m on a cheap prepay, so probably the other dozen or so potential users do as well.

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I tried the VK SMS gateway an hour ago and it was a partial success.
A spot posted for ZL1BYZ appeared as a SOTA spot on ParksnPeaks.
It did not emerge as a spot on SOTAwatch3 so there is a break in the complex chain somewhere.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

@VK2IO Andy reports a bug he has now fixed.

What changed was Allen’s gateway forwarding SMS data to my gateway for posting on SOTAwatch to him posting the spots directly using the API. To do that he needs to know the mapping between phone number and callsign. I update Allen with the list of VK/ZL users who register with me. The bug fixed was the program was not reading all the user file so not all VK/ZL details were passed on to Allen. So that should improve things somewhat.

Will users still need to register for both PnP as well as your SMS?
(i.e. will the documentation need fixing)

Tried: looks like I still have to wait until Allen makes my # acceptable

Hi all,

Home after work and have some updates to support shorter phone numbers. My site was setup for 10 digits and verifies the number accordingly. Straight forward fix but as all code, needs testing.

Had a look at the logs and can see [VK2IO] Gerards failed spot. Have seen another instance of the same where the call to API returns a 503 error(Peter VK3ZPF testing his app). I can detect a called attempt to spot to SOTAWatch so thinking of adding a retry to address.

anyway off to test code.


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@VK3HRA Thanks. It works , except the $ char is not correctly replaced with my callsign-without-/P.
(at 19:18)


Can you clarify where registration has to be done. Is it intended to:

  1. register with Andy only
  2. register with PnP only
  3. register with both is needed.

Also I notice that UK gateway turns mode “LSB” to “other”, AU doesn’t

I would register on Allen’s Parks n Peaks site as a minimum for VK/ZL users. By all means register with me and that will give you access to more numbers. You also have 2 different systems to use so if one goes down and you really, really need to self-spot you can use the other.

I’ll continue to update Allen with VK/ZL users who register with me until he asks me to stop.

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Tested it again and it worked fine.
Thanks Allen.

$ still doesn’t seem to work (01:43UTC). Did you push the change?

I deleted a $ spot for an illegal frequency yesterday, as an MT member with editing privilege I delete any “funnies” that appear. I gather now it is gateway testing - some warning would have been appreciated!