Attempt of F/PO-039 by EA1IEH

Eloy, EA1IEH, a skilled hiker will try tomorrow the activation of F/PO-039, pic Midi d’Ossau, a long and difficult hike.

This summit has only been activated twice, back on 2011 and 2013.

Eloy will carry a VHF handheld and a vertical antenna, planning to activate around 145.525 FM (or in a free QRG depending on traffic).

He will be there together with her daughters and the activation will be brief.

Weather is not stable so he will try going up early.
Good luck in your hike. VY 73 de Ignacio

The huge and pointed peak.

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I climbed this peak about 20 years ago, also many peaks around the parque national de Ordesa, ( Monte Perdido, Vignemale & El Cilindro). Have fun & stay safe

Eloy @EA1IEH has just shared this video of his nice expedition/activation:





There were many Vultures & Marmots when I climbed that mountain. :eagle::eagle::eagle:

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Hi Steve,
Yes, vultures are nearly a constant presence during our activations, at least in EA2/NV, EA2/HU and the Pyrenees in general.
When I’m activating SOTA, since I always use earbuds, if I’m working CW, I look so still and quiet to them that they often fly above me, surely seeing me as a potential meal.
When I switch to SSB, I become noise and then the vultures realize I’m not a corpse, therefore they go away looking for other suitable food.