Attempt at HF APRS 2 SOTA

I just tried doing APRS2SOTA via my HF APRS station. I am using PinPoint and VARA HF. It came through, but I have a bunch of errors that keep coming through on my side on PinPoint. I am connected to the internet, so I am hoping the message came through RF and not the internet.

There are a few HF APRS stations in the US on 14.103 that are acting like an iGate. I know there are some in EU as well, I just have not heard them yet. If people would find it useful, I would set up an HF iGate here on the east coast. Maybe 30 Meters might be best?

Anyway, fun to mess with


Kent K9EZ
Oak Island NC

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I did try it with the APRS-IS off and it still came through. The errors I am seeing are in part to my “auto answer” that was turned on. Still working on that part.