Attacked by ice balls

Hi all,

My expedition to SM/DA-041 yesterday ended in a somewhat surprising way. Weather was looking good initially (plus 30 and sun shining) but when I reached the summit I could hear QRN5+, obviously thunder coming my way. You shouldn’t operate a radio in a thunderstorm but at least four QSO´s had to be made - a man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do! I barely managed to work the stipulated amount of contacts and had real problems hearing the opposite stations in the noise. Then I packed everything up and headed for the car (1.5 km´s away). In retrospect I should have stayed in the small cabin on the mountain top, because about four hundred metres downhill I was attacked first by heavy rain, then by ice balls the size of regular ice cubes, and on top of that even heavier rain. I managed to take cover under a tree during the ice ball attack, and I also covered my head with my arms, but it did hurt for sure :slight_smile: I have read about hail the size of this (and bigger) but never seen it myself - it sure was an interesting experience.

As seeing is believing, proof is available on my Flickr page:

73 Anders SM0HPL

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Hej Anders, in may eyes you should fill the car with the ice cubes and bring them here. TOOooo hot in Uppsala. Hope the SA2ME team don´t get same weather without any protection exept the backpack. They are leaving Uppsala on Friday evening by car. Hope the time plan will hold, so we can get them on 40m evening 19/7 or 20/7. One week later i will go to area SM/GA- and operate as many as possible.
Also listen for SM7DGA from SM/SE-001, he operates cw mostly.

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This might be interesting to you

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL