At last: I got the chance

Roger MW0IDX and I had a great day out yesterday. Tryfan NW-006 via the North Ridge; easy pleasant scramble. Followed this with Glyders NW-003 via Sinister Gully. We didn’t chicken out halfway and followed on to the Upper Gully and the Great Pinnacle Gap. The route was “interesting” with one or two sections that appeared impossible at first (…second and even third) glance; “just the right amount of awkward” as Lily Allen so memorably sings. We descended via the Gribin Ridge (steep at the top). Halfway down my chance came.

As we wandered down we saw a party of young men ascending. One was holding an unmistakable SOTA pole. I strode up to him and asked “are you going fishing?”. “Oh no”, he replied. “I’m a radio amateur”. “We know” Roger and I both said at the same time whilst laughing. He hadn’t spotted us as we had no obvious signs of radios. He was soon joined by other members of the Cambridge University Wireless Society with whom we exchanged callsigns and pleasantries before completing our descent. It was good to meet them; but even better to be able to ask “the fishing question”.



PS This gives a nice impression of the route. Note the cars top left.

Sinister gully:

In reply to G3CWI:

Halfway down my chance came.

Been there done that! :wink: I did it to Robert GM4GUF on Tinto SS-064 the other month, asked him what he was doing and as he started describing things I adjusted my stance so the antennas and fishing pole strapped to the bag came into view.

Very silly but good fun when you let on who you are.


In reply to G3CWI:
Thanks for the invite Richard to join you in Snowdonia, I enjoyed the scramble on the North ridge of Tryfan and Sinister Gulley. It tested my ability well.

Apologies for inflicting my CW on the chasers, it’s been a while since I’ve been out activating and it certainly showed hi!

My thanks to the chasers worked, nice to hear so many familiar callsigns again plus a few new ones too. Thanks to LA1ENA, G4BLH and 9A7W for the spots and G3CWI for the company, nice day out.

I’ve posted a couple of pics here:

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Roger MW0IDX