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Association Updates Nov 2018

I’ll kick off the updates discussion for November 1, 2018 by welcoming Taiwan (BV) as a new association. There are 589 summits to be activated, with the AM being Huawei Su BX2AI.


I have some updates for VK4 in the dropbox.

This BV DB update should appear this evening (UK time).

BV now uploaded and summit names are in both Latin and Chinese characters. The names appear in Chinese on the DB, website and SOTAwatch2. I find such a level of wchar_t support frightening :slight_smile:
Also CT AM and RM details updated.

Thanks for great help by Andrew.
We are happy that SOTA BV was finally launched.

I am still new on SOTA, and I will keep learning participating this programme, and also helping Taiwan OMs to join SOTA.

73 de BX2AI


Hi Andy,

a while ago I took a look at summitslist.csv and it seems that some summit names in the database contain HTML character code instead of apostrophe. KLA/LN-521 , for example. Every export option that i checked contains this error, and summit info pages too. Can you fix this, please? Looks like simple find/replace would do.


It’s rendering correctly in the DB.


Not sure why the sites are showing it as &#039, I may have a chance to fix it tonight.

Yes, it is rendering correctly in the “DB”, but that’s only because the browser is rendering the HTML character codes to readable characters. From the DB listing which you show in your post, the background code reads:

<td class=“gridcell” nowrap=“nowrap”>Taq&#039; Nust&#039;in Mountain</td>

So, the HTML character codes are somewhere in the database. … and I can confirm that the HTML character codes are indeed in the copy of the database which the SMP uses:

| SummitID | SummitCode | Name                            | 
|    nnnnn | KLA/LN-521 | Taq&#039; Nust&#039;in Mountain | 


Ahh! Of course! Not sure why Jon’s code doesn’t do the same.

Anyway I can reset my baffled-bit now.

It’s been a good day for those today…

EDIT #1: I see the SMP summits dropdown also show the &#039; strings, so they would need to be translated also before populating the dropdowns…

EDIT #2: this dropdown problem has now been fixed.

Right that was easy. We’ll find out tomorrow what I broke when fixing those funnies! :roll_eyes:

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Probably because Jon’s code is correct.

If you pull a string out of a database and want to display it on a web page, you have to escape any characters which might be interpreted as HTML. I rather suspect that Jon is doing this correctly and you are not.


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I checked the summitslist.csv and apostrophes are fixed. Thank you! But I found another two HTML character codes: first is &ntilde;, which should be replaced by letter ñ. For example see W7N/ES-046. Next is &deg;, which appears in columns GridRef1 and GridRef2, which appear at a few ZS summits. Can you fix at least ñ, please? The GridRef columns are not really important to me.

Edit: fixed HTML codes as suggested by DM1CM below.

Hi Valdi, you can write out both &ntilde; and &deg; in clear text in the Reflector editor here, highlight each of them in turn, and click the </> (Preformatted text) control above the edit box to keep them in clear text when they appear in the post.

Just a hint for next time… :sunglasses:




First BV activation alerted (I think)!