Association Updates March 1st 2024

This announcement slipped through the gaps, Simon has been insanely busy at work and I forgot to do it last week.

We have a few association updates.

FL/VO: There are 14 newly added summits in FL/Vosges.

JA: There 3 new summits, 2 summits have had their heights revised, 3 summits have been retired, 34 summits have been renamed and 2 have been repositioned slightly

LA: There are 2 new summits and 1 has been retired.

I/VA: 12 summits have been renamed.

Finally, Marcin, SQ9OZM is now the AM for Poland. Please join me in welcoming Marcin to the task and thank the outgoing AM. (Note, I don’t have the former AM name & call to hand and will update this ASAP)


HiI !
I was about asking about this March updates :smiley:
Interesting news FL /VO summits, nothing in F/CR … no interest
We need a MG here, had @F5LKW but we miss him …
73 Eric

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If you can find a new summit in F/CR and we will add it. :slight_smile:

FL vs F no chance

I explain:
It’s easier to get 1000 pts up there, I’ve already shown the difference in another post…
But who reads these things…
You, Andy, know this because you often activate a F/CR summit :star_struck:
In six week I can get a new hip and will go to work some new one’s


Congratulations Marcin @SQ9OZM , welcome and all the best as a new AM.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


I don’t have the former AM name & call to hand

All these years SOTA in Poland has been skillfully managed by Bart @SQ9APD.
I’ll do my best to keep up his work.


I wrote that message from another PC and couldn’t find the files. As I had updated the details on the database, I could not see who it was in the past because it now said it was you! Thanks for posting Bart’s name and call.

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