Association Updates for April 2024

Hi all.

A few updates this month. First is a significant update to ZL3. With Lidar mapping becoming available in some regions, the data has been revisited by Matt ZL4NVW and the summits adjusted.

8 summits have been deleted or relocated (outside of the AZ)
67 new summits added including the following named summits

  • Mount Erebus
  • Thesis Peak
  • Mount Guinevere
  • Brabazon Range
  • Esk Head (south)
  • Cairn
  • Black Rock
  • Hamner Range
  • Wire Yards
  • Green Hill
  • Mount Sunday
  • Ida Range East
  • Snares Island
  • Mount Harvey
    And a heap of other unnamed summits.

Other updates include changes to OK, FL/VO, F/AM and VE2/LR-002.