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Association updates for 1st February 2018

We will have several associations receiving updates at the end of January. More on those closer to the time.

One set of changes to note is the removal of duplicate DL summit references from the DL/OE border. This is a part of our ongoing campaign to ensure one SOTA reference per summit. Previously a set of shared OE references was removed with a recent update. The MT is now acting to remove DL references from the remaining dupes.

Let me emphasize these summits are still valid. All that will change is that from 2018-02-01 you may use only the OE code for new activations of these summits. You can sill activate from anywhere within the AZ, either side of the border, adapting your call sign as necessary, but always quoting the OE reference.

The affected summits are as follows:

DL Ref. (retiring) OE Ref. (remains)
DL/AL-025 OE/TI-622
DL/AL-045 OE/TI-360
DL/AL-047 OE/TI-643
DL/AL-087 OE/VB-213
DL/AL-100 OE/VB-277
DL/AL-157 OE/TI-468
DL/AL-160 OE/TI-550
DL/AM-034 OE/TI-448
DL/AM-112 OE/TI-511
DL/BG-043 OE/SB-027
DL/BG-065 OE/SB-033
DL/BG-082 OE/SB-204
DL/CG-080 OE/TI-553
DL/KW-018 OE/TI-627
DL/KW-022 OE/TI-224
DL/KW-036 OE/TI-649
DL/MF-031 OE/TI-510
DL/MF-074 OE/TI-658
DL/WS-003 OE/TI-584
DL/WS-024 OE/TI-589
DL/WS-029 OE/TI-592
DL/WS-032 OE/TI-606
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Thanks for this information. Around this time last year there was a couple of updates to the UK summits because of changes made by the Relative Hills of Britain group. Do you think/know of any changes that may be upcoming for the UK? It’s a long trip for me to activate Hensbarrow Downs!
Mike G0HIO

There is also one duplicate OE/OK reference in the database:

OE/OO-069 Hochficht (4 pt.)
OK/JC-004 Smrcina (10 pt.)

As far as I know @OE5YYN is aware of these duplicate summits. So I guess the Austrian reference OE/OO-069 will be deleted when the next OE-update will take place.

73 Martin, OE5REO

Hi Mike,

I am not aware of any more major UK summit changes except for a few summit changes in GM that have occurred during the last 5 years and these summit changes will take affect in GM whenever the next GM update is. As for the G Association there are no more summits changes, but will be doing an update for the G Association around next month.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager

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We have some tweaking of GW coordinates planned (aligning to latest RHB table) but none that amount to new summit references.

Thanks Martin. OK is due some attention, so we will be looking at that one.

There are a handful of GM deletions, movements and new summits. As there are still plenty of unactivated GM summits, I’m not deperately motivated to change things.

Beinn Dearg in Glenartney is a move summit location and will be a new ref.
Carn Liath on the Invercauld Estate is a move summit location and will be a new ref.
Cruim Leacainn by Ben Nevis Ski Centre is a deletion.
Maoile Lunndaidh in East Monar Forest is just a move summit location.
Stob na Bione Druim-fhinn near Lochgoilhead is a deletion.
Troweir Hill near Girvan is a deletion.
Creag an Amalaidh is a new one near Golspie.

There maybe some more I’ve forgotten. But as I said, with many unactivated in GM, there’s no rush to change them. And anyway, I want to activate them before I delete them :blush:

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Hey Andy, good idea.

There are also some of the deleted German summits, which need to be activated first. Any chance to help?
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

73 de Robert, DL4ROB

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Association Updates

Adding to Andy’s workload on the database we have several more association updates for him to process. As usual I’ll mention those which I’ve been handling.


As mentioned above we’re updating positions according to the RHB database. Mostly the moves are just a few tens of metres, but GW/MW-024 shifts about 700 m to the next lump east, this spot being identified by RHB as slightly higher. The old position was (and still is) within the true AZ, so we don’t need a new reference.

GU and GJ

In an departure from the other Gx associations we realized that according to the General Rules the Channel Islands would qualify as P100 associations, just like their neighbour, FL. Jersey, Guernsey and Sark each provide a single P100 summit at their high point. Note that Guernsey’s high point is very close to the airport. Obviously activators must be sensitive to this. Since the terrain is not steep the AZ is plenty large enough that you can keep a suitable distance from the airport.


This is a set of revisions mostly to the existing summits. Zaro and I have been checking against former Yugoslav army and NATO mapping. Now the summit positions/names should be consistent. There are a handful of retirements, due to summit locations moving out of the AZ to a new reference. There will be another update in the future when we will be adding missing summits.


New summit Järve, ES/ES-004, is a former tip for a semi-coke mine. It seems it has been landscaped / consolidated and therefore not going away - so we accept it for inclusion in the ES association. I’d be most interested in any activation report for this one!


This month Scott VY1CO gets a new region for his Yukon association. Lake Laberge covers an area to the north of Whitehorse and adds 251 summits.

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Further updates to the South African association adds in over net new 1600 summits in Western Cape and Northern Cape areas. About 40 non-compliant summits were removed.

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With the problems we’ve been having, these updates are a bit behind were I wanted to be. For once, just once, I wanted to get them all done for 1-Feb-2018. Grrr! :angry: I hope to get most done before February.

GU/GJ/VY1/E7/ES/DL done so far.

You’ve still got a good 25 hours Andy :wink:

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XE2 Mexico North has grown a bit more this month with Baja California and Durango (split into Durango North and Durango South) being added. This adds 2182 summits to XE2.

XE2 available summits shown below.

Waiting here in VE2’s land Association for new updates. We suggested many corrections some time ago … :slightly_smiling_face:

Quick DB update.

All G association group now includes GU and GJ.
All XE association group added.

Beautiful corner case bug fixed in the generate summitslist.csv code. Some of you may have noticed association E7 and most of ZS dropped off the maps this morning. They’d have come back tomorrow but the bug is fixed for next time.

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Hi Andy,

I’m going to activate Trebevic (E7/BO-027) tomorrow afternoon. Is it OK to use the current ref code or this is one of the summits with new codes? (Simon mentioned that some E7 summits got new codes, but he didn’t elaborate…)

TU & 73!

Zoran / E70AA

Yes Zoran, it’s good for another 82 years!

Wow! Thanks, Andy.

The retirees (and their nearby replacements) are:

  • E7/BO-042 → E7/BO-081
  • E7/BO-044 → E7/BO-082
  • E7/HA-044 → E7/HA-052

Whilst the data sources sort themselves out you can find the coordinates using the Find Summit page.