Association updates 28th February 2021 Associations

It’s not a big list this month, but all the same we have been keeping Andy busy. He’s been building up to installing the big and complicated VE7 update, mentioned last month.

In addition we have:

  • the replacement of LX/LX-002 with LX/LX-005
  • RM updates to TI, Costa Rica
  • a name for VE2/QC-186
  • G updates, mentioned by Jimmy

Note that the VE7 points uplift will be effective from 1st February even though they’re only just going in.

There should be a lot more for next month.


I’m having a wee software mis-behaving issue for the G update but it will be resolved shortly.

If anyone who has ever activated/chased in VE7 thinks there is an issue with their log please contact me. We have renamed summits, moved summits, deleted dupes, move activation history about etc. and there is always a chance I’ve missed something.


Hello Andy,
I have checked my Unique Peaks results for VE7 against a paper list I printed a while ago, and everything is good from my point-of-view. I will spread the word among the other VE6 land activators to check.
Thanks for all the work you do keeping the data where it should be.
I am really looking forward to the VE7 update (and life after covid).


Well that’s always good to hear.

I have a bunch of multiple accounts to clean up next.

Yes, my VE7 activations all look fine too, not that I have a huge bunch of them. Looking forward to working with the new VE7 roster when the opportunity arises.