Association Updates 1st September 2022

Here is the list of updates for 1st September 2022.


AM is now Gustavo, LU1HEC

Many thanks to the out-going AM Andres LU3HO.


AM is now Fabricio, LU9QFM, who lakes up the role from Alejandro, LU1MAW.


LUM now has a new regional manager for FH, FL, FU, PH, PL and PU. Thanks to Diego,
LU9MZO, for taking the role.

LUM summit names

Alejandro has added several summit names in FL, FU, MN and PC regions.

LUU Argentina - La Pampa

This is a new association, although only one summit: LUU/LP-001, Cerro Alto. Thanks to Juan, LU5UEA, for being AM.


The new AM for HB0 is Peter, HB0PR, taking over from Andre, HB9DVZ.

Many thanks to you both.


This is a new addition to LA/TN. A slope in the ALOS data set meant that we missed it initially. Fortunately it does not disqualify its near neighbour, LA/TN-069. Thanks to whoever spotted this.

VE2/CV – Two summit names

  • VE2/CV-008, name changed to “VE2/CV-008”
  • VE2/CV-048, name changed to “Mont des Morios”

BV bonus season

As of 1st September the BV bonus becomes a summer bonus (therefore applicable to all summits with no minimum elevation).

I/CA-136 summit name

I/CA-136 got a name tweak, from “Monte Tobenna” to “Monte Tubenna”.

FL/VO-058 position

FL/VO-058 got a position tweak.


And as a last-minute bonus…

LUI - Argentina - Misiones

Just three summits. Alejandro, LU1MAW, is the AM for now – thank you.

LUN - Argentina - Santiago del Estero

Finally two more summits for Argentina. Thanks to Martin, LU9NMA, for taking the AM role.

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