Association updates 1st May 2023

These are today’s updates.

VR – Hong Kong

This new association has 72 summits. Many thanks to Kaede, VR2YUA, for accepting the AM role.

Map created with acknowledgement to original work by OSM.

Italy updates

‘I’ sees a number of updates.

  • I/AA – three new summits (I/AA-220, I/AA-221 and I/AA-222)
  • I/LZ – one new summit (I/LZ-329)
  • I/VA – revised according to 1:10,00 mapping as follows:
    • Retirements: I/VA-049, I/VA-078, I/VA-091, I/VA-120 and I/VA-130
    • I/VA-093 renamed
    • 13 new summits (I/VA-132 to I/VA-146, excepting I/VA-142)
    • I/VA-142 is a new identity for HB/VS-194


The position and elevation for Mont Veyrier were corrected, resulting in the score being bumped up to 10 points


This summit was retired.

EA4 / EA1 – La Peñota

The old retired summit EA4/MD-043 has been brought back under new ref EA1/SG-019.


La Peñota, EA1/SG-019 does not appear in the database yet, is there an error?

Juan, EA1AER

Andy has a small problem to resolve because of the difference in winter bonus dates as it swaps associations.

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Hello. I don’t know why we can’t upload the summit EA1 SG-019 today. All the other summits that are in the here in this post have a information in the links. We are (EA4HFO and EA4IS) now in the summit today but we cannot upload information. I think it’s a possible mistake or on line error. Please if it’s possible please solve this problem.

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I’m sorry about that Cesar. I have messaged Andy but I don’t know how soon he will be able to fix this. For sure EA1/SG-019 is the correct (and valid) reference to use even if Sotawatch isn’t accepting it yet.


As Simon said, it’s delayed. Don’t worry the start date will be today and it will appear in the DB “soon”. The bonus period is different for EA4 and EA1. The summit has been activated and we want to move the activation data when we renumber the summit. But I need to do some checks to make sure nobody looses or gains a bonus.

Should be in the DB today but as I said, do not worry. You will be able to log it for today onwards.


It’s sorted and EA1/SG-019 is active for people to log. There were no old activations in the bonus period that was changing so nobody will have lost their activation bonus. That made moving it less hassle.

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Thank you for all the work done and Good Luck for the new VR-Association.
Many happy activations!

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Thank you very much for the good job: @MM0FMF , @G4TJC , @EA1AER and @EA4IS , it was a pleasure having the opportunity to activate EA1/SG-019 summit!